Fringe 3.10 The Firefly Ratings

“The Firefly” scored a preliminary 1.9 adults 18-49 and 4.9 million viewers, lifting Fringe up 12% on its fall average. Very impressive numbers for a Friday night. As always, we await the final broadcast numbers. Hopefully it wont be dragged down.

UPDATE – The final broadcast ratings remain the same from the prelims – Fringe scored a promising 1.9 in the key demo.

Head past the jump for the Fringe season 3 ratings so far, and check back later for the all-important final broadcast numbers.

Fringe Season 3 Ratings So Far

  • 3.10 “The Firefly” – 1.9 adults 18-49 | 4.9 million viewers (final)
  • 3.09 “Marionette” – 1.7 adults 18-49 | 4.738 million viewers (final)
  • 3.08 “Entrada” – 1.8 adults 18-49 | 5.130 million viewers (final)
  • 3.07 “The Abducted” – 1.9 adults 18-49 | 4.846 million viewers (final)
  • 3.06 “6955kHz” – 1.7 adults 18-49 | 4.835 million viewers (final)
  • 3.05 “Amber 31422″ – 1.8 adults 18-49 | 4.804 million viewers (final)
  • 3.04: “Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?” – 2.0 adults 18-49 | 5.27 million viewers (final)
  • 3.03: “The Plateau” –  2.0 adults 18-49 | 5.19 million viewers (final)
  • 3.02: “The Box” – 1.9 adults 18-49 | 5.237 million viewers (final)
  • 3.01: “Olivia” – 2.2 adults 18-49 | 5.83 million viewers (final)

Considerations: Fringe was up against a Supernatural repeat last night. Next week it has a new episode, so that will be interesting. Indeed, the subsequent weeks will be very telling. As I said when the move to Fridays was announced, fans need to continue tuning in and throughout the rest of the season. Week in, week out.

The Firefly ratings: EW


  1. says

    This is SUCH GREAT news… 1.9 on a FRIDAY is spectacular!! We just need to keep this level up or aim for even higher when Supernatural and CSI come back!!! But well done everybody!!! FANTASTIC START!!!

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  2. Cherioki says

    Funny, how most people worry about Supernatural being Fringe’s main competitor, as I see it the other way around, Fringe’s airing will affect Supernatural more than Supernatural will affect Fringe, to me It’s CSI that Fringe should be more worried about.

    Good Start for Fringe, I believe as long as it remains over 1.6 for the remainder of the season, its a shoe in for renewal.

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    • lizw65 says

      I think the general assumption is that there is more of an overlap in the audiences for Fringe and Supernatural, as they are both in the SF/fantasy genre (of course, CSI is TOTALLY realistic :D)

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  3. okabekah says

    It was an amazing episode, and I felt like I was part of something when I watched it live, knowing that there were a number of people that also frequent this site also watching with anticipation. Is it worth it though? I watch in Canada, and I don’t know if that counts for the ratings. If someone could tell me, I’d really appreciate it. Although it doesn’t matter to me; watching it live just makes it that much more amazing!

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    • SF says

      Sadly our viewing up here in Canada doesn’t affect ratings on tv in the US. I wish it did, because there are a fair number of us up here who watch it!!

      Yaaaay to the ratings being up! and even better: winning our time slot!!!!!

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      • Lys says

        Same here, SF.

        Portuguese ratings, of course, do not count; nevertheless we’ll keep spreading the word! And yeah, I’ve already made my Fringe-dance (would surely make Walter proud)!

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      • Michael says

        International ratings does affect the renewal decision slightly. Because it affect the profit of the production company which can then ask lower or not so high license fee to fox to renew (to buy) their show. Sure Fox want ratings, but they want ratings because it makes them more money through the ads!! So if the license fee is not too high, they can still make descent amount of money for a friday night. But since the US is such a big country demographically speaking, international viewers form a fraction of US viewers.

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  4. February says

    -Saw post title
    -Quickly opened post
    -Skipped straight to percentage
    -Saw ‘12%’ ‘fall’
    -Heart skipped beat
    -Took breath
    -Sighed with relief

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  5. giorgio - Greece says

    Still waiting for the episode (unfortunately we don’t get to watch Fringe in Greece but has a very loyal fan base -we download it).

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  6. runpaceyrun says

    BRILLIANT news about the ratings. I am so excited. US Fringe fans need to keep tuning in live……..we international fans are counting on you.
    I felt like i was a part of the US viewing audience by watching Fringe via live streaming…..all the way from Australia. Fringe Fridays really works well for we aussies because if we live stream Fringe….we are watching it at midday on Saturday. Needless to say yesterday afternoon for me was AWESOME. And after watching The Firefly……i got nothing else done. So much information in that episode….so much to think about!

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  7. Jen says

    This is the best news I’ve heard all day!!! I had never watched the show before the season 3 premiere but I fell in love. (I’m caught up now thanks to the very thoughtful people who gave me the first two seasons on DVD as presents.) I was (and I guess I still am) a die hard LOST fan and once the show was over I knew I was going to have to find a show with some mythology. I’m not sure what kept me away from FRINGE for so long but it was definitely my loss. If it gets canceled now, I’ll be heartbroken.

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    • Aimee says

      We are glad to have you, and anyone else come aboard. Word-of-mouth and those DVD re-watches were ammo for our cause 😀

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  8. M says

    I have a friend who is caught up on the first two seasons on DVD, but doesn’t have a way to watch the first half of this one?


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  9. Alison says

    Ok, I feel kind of stupid for asking this, but I want to support the show as much as I can. Anyway, would my viewership still count if the channel is selected on my satellite but my TV is on a different input. I was playing my Xbox 360 when Fringe came on, but only because my sister and I watch the show with our best friend who is not available to hang out on Fridays? Did I make any sense at all?

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    • Cody says

      Incorrect, they only keep the last 5 shown episodes. They dont even have all episodes available for Hulu plus accounts…

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  10. James says

    I’m doing my part to keep the ratings up, and I hope all the real fans are too. To everybody that can, please make plans to watch all episodes live when they air. We can’t lose this amazing show.

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  11. Kylan says

    I sure hope this is not the end of “Fringe”; It is the best show on TV at the moment. If FOX cancelled it…that would leave only “Family Guy” & “House MD” for my household to watch on the network. NBC has only “Chuck”; ABC & CW have no shows watched. If the networks are not careful CBS will be the monopoly; this household watches 4 shows a week on CBS now that “Fringe” is no longer on at the same timeslot as “CSI”. FOX is taking a lot of big gambles this season, especially “American Idol” minus both Simon & Paula. I will continue to watch “Fringe” till its conclusion, cause it is a brilliant, entertaining show.

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