Fringe 3.07 The Abducted Ratings

Fringe received the adrenaline boost it needed as it climbed from a 1.7 demo rating last week to a 1.9 adults 18-49 with “The Abducted”. Hair straggly and wet, there is still life.

Look at it like this way, it’s a step in the right direction. A small step, but a step nonetheless. Of course, there will be those who will mock signs of life. They’re only having their fun. Have yours. Enjoy the journey and do something Fringeworthy.

You don’t need me to tell you that the ratings need to keep ‘up-ticking’. But what I’ve always admired about Fringe fans is their boundless optimism and creativity. Don’t become fatalists now.

Until Fox say otherwise, the Bra & Panties Tank™ is still half full as far as I’m concerned. Fans can take positives from this revival.

Fringe Season 3 Ratings So Far

  • 3.07 “The Abducted” – 1.9 adults 18-49 | 4.93 million viewers (overnight)
  • 3.06 “6955kHz” – 1.7 adults 18-49 | 4.835 million viewers (final)
  • 3.05 “Amber 31422″ – 1.8 adults 18-49 | 4.804 million viewers (final)
  • 3.04: “Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?” – 2.0 adults 18-49 | 5.27 million viewers (final)
  • 3.03: “The Plateau” –  2.0 adults 18-49 | 5.19 million viewers (final)
  • 3.02: “The Box” – 1.9 adults 18-49 | 5.237 million viewers (final)
  • 3.01: “Olivia” – 2.2 adults 18-49 | 5.83 million viewers

Last night’s ratings: Hitfix


  1. FlashWriter says

    If we could just get a long string, maybe 4 or 5 episodes without some kind of break. I notice that they’re going to skip a week for Thanksgiving. If I were having a nice Thanksgiving dinner with my guests and now it’s 9 PM and everyone is blasted on tryptophan, pumpkin pie, ice cream and whatever, it’s the perfect time to tune into a Fringe episode (specially if there’s someone there who is not following our show). Just think, it’s cold outside, and nice and cozy inside with Fringe on the Tele. What could be better?

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    • aci79 says

      Well… how about making them stay over the entire weekend. Feed them some more food and watch fringe rerun on saturday. :-)

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      • FlashWriter says

        With the kind of people who show up at our Thanksgiving bashes, I don’t need to. They show up with books, manuscripts, story ideas and are already high on those. Add something like “Fringe” on the big screen and I’ll need to contact NORAD. :)

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  2. annon says

    The final figures for the episode are: demo 1.9/5 and viewers numbers 4.846.

    So, looks like the viewer numbers are the same for the last couple of weeks, but the demo is going up and down. We are up this week.

    Rocco, if you want the final for 3.01 it was 2.1/6 demo and 5.731 in viewers numbers.

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  3. Anjali says

    I am soo close to tears. Fox is putting Fringe on Fridays come Jan!!!!!

    SCREW YOU FOX!!!!!! You have screwed this show!!!!!!!!

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  4. Ori says

    This is a dire situation indeed, but I still have hope. We should do something drastic like Chuck fans did a few years back!

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  5. annon says

    Yep, guys. Fox has given up on Fringe I think.

    Hopefully, they have let the producers know, so that they can plan the last string of episodes when they come back to film after Christmas. They should have filmed up to episode 14 by Christmas time.

    If anything I think the ratings will drop more on Fridays. Fringe will be up against Supernatural again and it has Kitchen nightmares as a lead in. So, I don’t see how there will be a season 4.

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  6. mlj102 says

    I just saw the midseason schedule for FOX and to say that I’m unhappy would be an understatement. However, trying to look at the bright side, here’s what I’ve come up with:

    1. Maybe it will help Fringe to get it off Thursdays at all, even if it is moving to Friday. You have to think, which is worse: airing on the toughest night of the week against strong competition, or airing on the “death night”? This kind of has the potential to be the lesser of two evils here.

    2. On Fridays, it’s further away from the scheduling conflicts of the other days and shouldn’t be as susceptible to delays and other Lowatus’. The other shows are being moved all over the place, here for a couple of weeks, then gone indefinitely, while new shows come in and take their place. On Fridays, Fringe should be able to mostly avoid that.

    3. At least it looks like it is staying on the schedule throughout the rest of the season. You look at Human Target and Lie to Me and they are both only scheduled through January, then they are replaced by other shows. Human Target in particular looks like they’re burning off episodes with two weeks of two episodes on in one night. That gives the impression that they’re using those shows as “filler” shows and they have little commitment to them. At least there’s some amount of stability and certainty surrounding Fringe, whereas Lie to Me and Human Target both have very uncertain futures.

    4. If the ratings rise just a little bit, or even if they stay the same, that could be good enough for FOX. And I think Fringe could surprise us by still pulling in decent numbers on Friday. Fringe could just turn out to be the exception to the Friday death night rule.

    I’d always kind of expected FOX might move Fringe to Fridays… I just thought they would wait until next season. And it really worries me to see them making that move now. That said, we’re going to have to wait and see what happens when the switch occurs. There’s still hope…

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  7. AnOlive says

    I read in the beginning of this week on EW site that Fox wants to start a lightweight crimeseries with supernatural cases, more suitbale for FOX it seems. If that goes ahead, it is bad news for fringe.

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  8. Anjali says

    A the beginning of the year, Reilly said that he wouldn’t screw with Fringe. And that’s exactly what’s been done.

    We should send plenty of hate mail. I know what I’m doing this entire weekend!!

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  9. Aimee says

    If this move doesn’t work out, I am through with FOX. I already despise Fox News; might as well blacklist the whole shabang.

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  10. FringeFanatic says

    Seriously, no word can express my anger right now. I’m pissed beyond belief, BUT! I’m trying to stay positive about this. It’s really hard, but I’m trying.

    The move to Fridays MIGHT actually help the ratings. I mean, they won’t be competing against such big competetors anymore. The only real competetor they have is Supernatuarl, and they haven’t even been getting good ratings. So, people might tune into Fringe on Fridays since not very many people are watching anything else. Also, we can’t forget Fringe’s DVR ratings. They are really good, right? Obviously we want more people to watch live, but their DVR ratings are really amazing.

    We, as fans, CAN do something. First, we can all express our outrage to Fox. I might not work, but if we all write an email or letter or something, they will pay attention. Second, we NEED to vote vote vote VOTE in the PCAs. Remember, you can vote more than one time each day, so go go go!

    I could wrong (I most likely am), but has anything been written on this site about their PCA nomination? Because it would just be a nice reminder. I thought no… but like I said, I could be wrong.

    Winning a PCA would definitely be a huge boost so please go vote fellow Fringies!

    Now excuse me while I go vote until my fingers fall off.

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    • cortexifan says

      Thank you FringeFanatic. I’ve been plugging PCA on a lot of sites and it seems no one is even interested. I’ve mentioned it a few times here as well and I kind of expected more enthusiam.
      So again, my soap box, vote, vote,vote. And when you’re done voting, vote some more.

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    • ARromantic says

      but then Fringe’s competitor would be the fact that people tend to go out on Friday nights, especially the demographic that they want high ratings for. It is just as hard to get new fans on a Friday slot than it is to get new fans on the super competitive Thursday slot. People are pretty mentally checked out. They should have moved American Idol to Thursdays and Fridays and move Bones and Fringe to Wednesdays.

      And I really need Fringe to get through the week. Fridays are already awesome enough but having Fringe on one of the other 4 weekdays is needed for my sanity!

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      • FringeFanatic says

        Yeah, I thought the fact that people go out on friday nights. But that’s why we all need to spread the word.

        I believe it was TV overmind who just posted an article about how to save fringe. Every fringe fan needs to read that article. We as fans are what really needs to promotw the show. We all need to work together if we want our show to continue.

        Being upset and bitter really isn’t gonna help. Don’t give up hope guys. Yeah, fox does have a record for cancelling some amazing shows. But again, the fans can influence the decision.

        I said it already, but winning the PCA would definitely help as well. It would show how powerful, loyal, and committed we are.

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  11. Locutus says

    It’s time to unite, folks, and start being more proactive in promoting the show on the interwebs and in real life to relatives, friends, etc.

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    • Aimee says

      What’s really sad is the fact there are so many international fans that do not officially count. People from over the world love this show. And they are very loud about it, too.

      What we need is to find these Neilson boxes and hack them all to show live Fringe views, lol.

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      • Yzur says

        So true ! Fringe does have a very large international fanbase ! Take it from me, Im from Slovakia and all of my friends -from many different countries- love the show as well !

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  12. JS says

    Fox has spoken. Fridays will kill this show. There is no question now, in my mind, that Fringe will be canceled before the end of the season.

    That sounds harsh, but that’s their track record. I can’t ignore that. So, unless they can pull some friggin’ amazing numbers out of the hat for that time slot, this is the last and final season.

    Come on people, we know what this means. Making excuses or false hopes for it doesn’t help.

    …Sorry. I’m bitter.

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  13. Hatch says

    Some possibly hopeful quotes form Kevin Reilly, on Deadline:

    “As for the decision to bump Fringe to Fridays where no scripted Fox series has survived in a long time, ‘Fringe has a very particular, loyal audience,’ Reilly said. With the show picking up almost half of its viewership via DVR, he doesn’t expect the sci-fi series to take a big ratings hit in moving to Fridays where it will be paired with solid reality performer Kitchen Nightmares. ‘If (Fringe) could stay near the current levels, we’ll get a big trade-up on Friday and will solve our problem there.'”

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  14. Super_Evie says

    Do these ratings include those of us who DVR? I love this show! I don’t typically post anything, but I don’t want to see this show go off the air. We NEED to keep talking about it to keep it going. That’s one of the things that made Lost so popular….the blogs. This one is great!

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  15. David says

    i’m based in the uk so until fringe i was not really interested in us ratings but now i take a daily interest.What fox has done is just incredible , took a show that was getting 10 millions viewers and put it on an incredibly difficult slot thursday and now are casting it out to friday wow what incompetence to do this to one of the best shows ever shown on tv…this is sad

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  16. FlashWriter says

    Never forget (and I think maybe we have at times), that this is the FOX network we’re talking about and it (especially with these types of shows) displays an amazing schizophrenia when it comes to them. Remember, this is the network that axed “Firefly” without giving them any chance at all. I feel we’re being given that chance and maybe that’s reason for hope. It’s just so strange in that one side of the FOX house shows the foresight and chops to tackle a project like “Fringe”. There’s the other side of the house (and I fear people wear dark suits and red ties over there) who seem to chicken out and do everything they possibly can to screw up the show ratings wise. It seems like these shows are born in one universe but pass over to the next to be shown, evaluated, and where the decisions are eventually made to continue or not to continue.

    I say again: schizo as hell.

    I say that we should hang in there, continue to watch and continue to promote. Roco, since you’re the media man here, is there a chance we could post some kind of campaign–possibly in YouTube or Facebook? Maybe an e-mail campaign to TPTB at Fox (hopefully big enough to give their servers some indigestion–that always seems to attract evening news attention).

    I would hope they can be made to understand that “Fringe” is a well loved show and that they “know not what they do.” I mean, the cracks in the universe they would open if they canceled…

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