Fringe 3.06 6955kHz Ratings

Fringe episode “6955kHz” was level with last week’s 1.8 adults 18-49 rating.

I’m gonna say it: at least we didn’t go down. It’s frustrating for many reasons, but I think it’s important not to allow the current ratings to negatively impact our experience of the show or the positivity with which we support it. Nothing is set in stone. And as someone once said, there’s always hope, right?

Head past the jump for the week-to-week Fringe ratings for season 3.

Fringe Season 3 Ratings So Far

  • 3.06 “6955kHz” – 1.7 adults 18-49 | 4.822 million viewers (final)
  • 3.05 “Amber 31422″ – 1.8 adults 18-49 | 4.804 million viewers (final)
  • 3.04: “Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?” – 2.0 adults 18-49 | 5.27 million viewers (final)
  • 3.03: “The Plateau” –  2.0 adults 18-49 | 5.19 million viewers (final)
  • 3.02: “The Box” – 1.9 adults 18-49 | 5.237 million viewers (final)
  • 3.01: “Olivia” – 2.2 adults 18-49 | 5.83 million viewers

Last night’s ratings via Hitfix.


  1. Anjali says

    I really hope this season isn’t the last.
    The writing has been brilliant, and I feel this season has been the best yet.

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  2. Karo says

    I think the parallel universes storyline this year is confusing many people, who are slowly tuning out.

    This is so sad, because, at the same time, it’s such a good story. Fringe is a victim of its own brilliance and originality.

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  3. Pierce says

    I’ve been holding my breath all day anticipating the rating from last night, and I can’t even begin to express how disappointed I am. It’s unconceivable how this gem of a show is being ignored by the masses. If only Fringe was on a cable network…these numbers would be fantastic, but alas. I truly hope FOX is behind this show and won’t cancel it before it get to tell a proper story.

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  4. Cortexifan says

    I hope so too, that it will stay on. In one of the interviews with the writers and producers they said that Fox and Warner have been very supportive. I hope that means something good.
    Maybe winning at the People’s Choice Awards would proof its worth.
    So please go vote.

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  5. Samuray says

    It really breaks my heart to write this but Fringe DID go down, to a dismal 1.7 in the finals. Unbelievable :(

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      • Samuray says

        The first ratings that come in are always just preliminary and are being adjusted due to slight overruns of shows and things like that. Last week, Fringe received a 1.7 at first which was then corrected to a 1.8 a few hours later. For further info I recommend, but be warned: They don’t sugarcoat anything and predict Fringe to be “likely to be canceled”.
        I feel horrible. Fringe is my favorite show currently on TV, next to The Walking Dead.

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  6. Cortexifan says

    Thanks, but I think I’ll stay away from that site. It’s depressing enough. I don’t understand. This is the best show on right now. It’s got great writing, superb acting, especially John Noble and Anna Torv, great special effects and the music rounds it all up. I doesn’t get any better than this. I guess, I’ll go vote my fingers off now.

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    • Anne says

      so agree with you on all this. I adore this show, I’m a Fringaddict. Can’t even think of it being cancelled. It would be a great mistake and so disapointing. I’ll cross my fingers till they renew the show.

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  7. LMH says

    What is Fox going to replace it with, really? Fringe is holding down in the toughest time slot of the week. “Likely to be canceled” according to pure live rating numbers and based on past shows getting those low numbers losing out, taking nothing else into account like plus 7 numbers, Dvd sales, general interest in the show, particularly online, and critical acclaim, etc… I refuse to be depressed! And I think Wyman and Pinker have given some hope with their comments. It’s probably one of the strongest shows quality-wise Fox has had in a long time (X-Files) and to cancel it and replace it with a newbie show or something that doesn’t fit on thurs (as well as fussing with their lineup schedule) would also be a big risk, probably greater than keeping this show which is a sure thing for a specific number of live viewers who regard Fringe as appointment TV which is their favorite type of viewer! There is a strong, dedicated fanbase, enough people who are just nuts about licorice! No I won’t feel comfortable until we get a 4th season announcement, but I still think Fox is getting enough from the show and more than enough from the showrunners all things considered.

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  8. Becca says

    I don’t want to lose hope, but last night’s ratings were even worse than last week’s. I’m not confident we’ll have another season; I just hope the writers are working on giving it a proper ending this season. Let’s get real; this show is too intricate to attract new viewers and improve the ratings. The writing is brilliant, John Noble and Anna Torv are probably among the very best actors currently on TV, but apparently this is not enough to give Fringe the ratings recognition it deserves.

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    • Karo says

      Yup, we have to be realistic. We were really lucky to even get a third season, so i’m gonna enjoy every minute of it while it’s on.

      Sci-Fi tv with complicated storylines and characters is not what people want to watch right now, so we have to live with it. Sure, it’s a tough timeslot, but still, 1 million people tuned out since the premiere and that can’t be a good sign. There’s something else. Maybe writing out you leading lady for 6-7 episodes was not the smartest move. I don’t know. But one thing is sure, Fringe is a tough show to watch, it actually requires work from the audience. To keep up with everything, you have to think, pay attention, remember stuff that happened 10 episodes ago, etc.

      It’s a dream for hard core fans, fandom and tv addicts who like a good serialize show with intrigue, twists, clues and everything. But it’s a nightmare for casual/regular viewers.

      They should be writing episode 13 or 14 right now, i hope they get the chance to end it the way it should end, i.e. Olivia saying scr** this! grabbing her whiskey bottle, Dunham everybody and get the hell out of Boston in her brand new shinny mustang. One can hope.

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      • Marklar says

        Who says 1 million tuned out since the premier? Neilsen? pfft… No one ever asked me if i tuned out (which i haven’t fwiw)

        It’s a shame that only 0.02183% of the tv audience gets to decide what stays and what goes (stat from wikipedia)

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      • Hatch says

        “To keep up with everything, you have to think, pay attention, remember stuff that happened 10 episodes ago, etc.”

        True, but couldn’t you say the same of LOST? And yet it did so well. I really don’t understand why more aren’t tuning in to Fringe, now that it has been truly achieving its potential (IMO).

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  9. jim f says

    I love Fringe — it has been consistently brilliant. I watch, record, think about it, and watch again. But there was something wrong with this week’s episode — 6955kHz. Not the ratings, the writing. Did they bring in new writers, new directors, new hair stylists, etc., with this episode? The weakest I have seen yet. And I see … everything. When a character in Fringe senses that something is different, not quite right, wrong in a subtle way — that is how I feel about this episode.
    My advice — whatever the ratings say, stick to the original, brilliant creative team. Don’t try to change it by bringing in hacks.

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    • runpaceyrun says

      I too love Fringe….i mean everything about Fringe. And i am going to have to disagree with you about this episode. I absolutely loved it. I had to watch in on my laptop (i live in australia so had to wait till after work to see it on download) and i could not take my eyes off the screen. I was actually surprised…i didnt think i would like this episode given what happened in the last minutes of the previous Över Here”episode…BUT i did. I may have been cursing and swearing at Altlivia and wondering just exactly what Peter is thinking but everything else was awesome.
      I must be easily pleased because i have never been so obsessed by a tv show in my entire life. To me, Fringe is brilliantly well written, acted and produced and it would be an absolute travesty if it were taken off the air. I can do nothing to help with the ratings (as i live in australia) but that doesnt stop me from being terrified about what the network may do with Fringe. Come on Fringies spread the word…….this show will not be leaving the airwaves anytime soon if i have any say in the matter. Fringe is AWESOME!!!!

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      • Page 48 says

        “I had to watch in on my laptop”

        Actually, that’s my preferred method of watching TV shows. Focuses the senses. Earbuds in, distractions out.

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    • fedorafadares says

      I also felt something was “off” with this episode. Sure, it was jam-packed with info, which is great, but it didn’t flow. It didn’t breathe, somehow.

      And while I am thrilled, thrilled, to see more Astrid, Nina and Broyles, I think seeing more of them all in the same episode left the story off-balance. I would love to see more episodes that let each character (and actor) shine as individuals.

      While I still enjoyed this one, it was my least favorite.

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  10. annon says

    Jim f, they seem to have a big pool of writers, so pretty much different writers for each episode. There are a couple that write consistently, but they usually pair up with different writers.

    The two producers writer occasionally also, but they tend to write the premieres, the finales and any other really key episodes.

    So, for me this has always been a problem with this show. They seem to go through writers like it goes out of fashion. They seem to have big turnovers at the end of each season, and new writers come in to replace them. So, that’s why the writing can feel very different from episode to episode, and not consistent at times.

    Yes the finals are a 1.7 in the demo, as already stated and 4.82 viewers. It’s the same no of viewers as last week but a weaker demo. There was a drop in viewers in the second half.

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  11. edgesight says

    Save this for the Observations:

    SEAMUS WILES wrote The First People.

    that is an anagram for SAMUEL WEISS!

    “I’m older than I look.”

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  12. Smgdesignz says

    Those ratings numbers are depressing. I personally am not helping I know that. I work Thursday nights and I don’t have a dvr or tivo or anything like that. I watch it on Fringe’s Fox website when I get home.

    How about us fans ban together and send a letter to Fox Studios with our signatures, just reminding them how many dedicated fans Fringe does have? Anyone know how to put one of those together?

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    • runpaceyrun says

      Can we start an email campaign? Does anyone know how or who we contact at Fox? Bombarding them now may help keep Fringe on the air. I live in Australia and will do anything to keep this show going…i am absolutely addicted and obsessed!

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  13. tyler says

    We really should write something and send it to someone. this show is the best television show i have ever watched. the creativity is amazing.

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  14. Azazel says

    Fringe is one of the dopest shows on TV. It would have already been cancelled except for the DVD sales and internet audience. All anyone can do is give props to the fantastic job done by the crew and cast and keep on watching in any way that can be counted. As for myself, I watch online at the fox website, so they know that I’ve seen it.

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  15. Samuray says

    I wonder why the main article isn’t updated? I find a 1.7 rating quite newsworthy (and mentally distressing)

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  16. am says

    Im dropping my cable entirely next month, but I just got two roku boxes and bought FRINGE on Amazon’s VOD season pass. I also noticed that the show is one of Amazon’s top season pass shows. This has to be something they notice! Also hulu + will be coming soon, this streams shows on roku and other devices. FOX already has bones setup for it. I wrote them asking about FRINGE. And was told they were working on getting it in the line up. The rating system is obsolete. More and more people are dropping cable and turning to roku and other like minded means of entertainment. I would rather pay hulu + $10 a month or Amazon’s VOD a $1.89 a episode then $100 a month for cable. Wish we could know the numbers of downloads or views.

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  17. mesa says

    Season 3 will be Fringe’s last. Sucks to hear it but it’s the truth. We should be happy that Fox likes the show enough that it should hopefully keep the full season order.

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  18. MNTwinsFanID says

    Fox has only themselves to blame for the decline in viewership. Thursdays at 8 mountain I’m parked in front of my TV, and have been through all the timeslots-as are most of us, so it’s hard for us to understand. But in my house I have an example of the problem-my wife. She was off one Fringe night (“Northwest Passage”), and watched an entire episode for the first time. To my surprise, she asked me not to delete “Over There, Parts 1 and 2.” She continued to watch the first four this season (even watching “The Plateau” on her own), but after the baseball Lowatus, Fringe just sat on the DVR. I asked her if she wanted to watch them, and she said I could delete them-she had lost interest. When are networks going to realize that breaks in a show kill a show’s momentum? I saw it on CBS with “Jericho,” and “Moonlight,” I saw it on NBC with “Bionic Woman,” and now we are seeing it again with our beloved “Fringe.” Meanwhile “Cops” gets renewed every year. I saw an ad for it during a Fringe, and my wife turned to me and said, “that’s still on the air?” C’mon, Fox!

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  19. SNI says

    i wanted this show to have like, 12 seasons, its so freaking amazing.
    but its just too painful, i love the show to death, and have thought it was great from the pilot to the most recent episode, but its going to get cancelled.
    i guee the only thing i can do is vote, but you cant sugar coat the fact, Fringe is and still is a amazing show, but through every spine tingling moment i have every week watching this, there just the burning sense of depression, enjoy evey moment this season, we wont get another………………

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