Fringe 3.05 Amber 31422 Ratings

Fringe returned with 4.97 million viewers and a 1.8 demo rating – a drop of 10%, signifying a season low.

It looks like Lowatus Fever caught many viewers off-guard.

Head past the jump for the season’s ratings so far.

Fringe Season 3 Ratings So Far

  • 3.05 “Amber 31422” – 1.8 adults 18-49, 4.97 million viewers (overnight). [via].
  • 3.04: “Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?” – 2.0 adults 18-49, 5.27 million viewers (final)
  • 3.03: “The Plateau” –  2.0 adults 18-49, 5.19 million viewers (final)
  • 3.02: “The Box” – 1.9 adults 18-49, 5.237 million viewers (final)
  • 3.01: “Olivia” – 2.2 adults 18-49, 5.83 million viewers

According to EP and showrunner Jeff Pinkner, there have been no grumblings from Fox regarding the ratings (via). Will last night’s ratings change that?

The cancelation of Undercovers is a timely reminder of how difficult it can be to cultivate a meaningful series that can last the distance. To be clear, what Fringe has achieved thus far is pretty remarkable. You’d like to think that the Preservation Bear™ understands that.

And while I’m looking forward to Terra Nova next year, I’m not sure I’d be quite as optimistic for the high-concept drama series in a world where this version of Fringe is put out to pasture. But that discussion will be more relevant next year.


  1. Anjali says

    FOX better be behind Fringe no matter what.
    I still stand by the fact that the only reason we are getting low ratings is because of FOX’s idiotic decision to move this brilliant show to the ‘death hour’, and if they come anywhere near to canceling it, then they will be bombarded by a lot of angry fans.

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    • JS says

      “FOX better be behind Fringe no matter what.”

      Well, Fox is a business, just like any other company out there, and the way they make (most of) their money is through live ratings. I don’t think they WANT the show to fail – they want it to make a profit. I don’t think Thursday nights are a “death hour.” Fridays, on the other hand are the ‘nursing home’ time slots for Fox. If Fringe ever moves to Friday, then I will be very concerned.

      If Pinkner and co. haven’t heard many grumblings from Fox about the ratings, I’d like to assume then that Fox is looking at Fringe the same way NBC/Universal and Scifi/Syfy looked at Battlestar Galactica – as a long term investment; one that would build popularity over time with the payoff being in the DVD sales, etc.

      I hope, at least…

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      • Karo says

        FOX won’t benefit from DVD sales or syndication, because they don’t own the show. Bad Robot and Warner Bros do. So i don’t thing they really care how many seasons the show is gonna run. It doesn’t make any difference for them. They make money with advertising.

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  2. Stefan says

    I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again now: As long as Fringe is running Thursday we have nothing to fear. FOX knows that Fringe has a very loyal fanbase and that many people just DVR it. Now, if they would park it on Fridays I’d be concerned.

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  3. Aimee says

    If Fringe is canceled after this season, I won’t even give Terra Nova a chance. I love Sci-Fi, but I’m sick of losing good shows before their time. I just hope FOX doesn’t pull the rug out from under us at the last minute, and we don’t get any kind of wrap-up for Fringe.

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  4. meadove says

    First of all I do hope that Fox is not going to cancel Fringe. 2nd – I’m not trying to offend anyone but I don’t like how the World series took over Fringe times slot and we were kind of in a limbo as to when Fringe will returned… I blamed the drop in rating on Fox for their schedule and the world series.

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  5. Alter-Matt says

    A series in its third season is always one to speculate on, if it gets past it, then a forth season is nearing syndication land, and a fifth is a really good viable option, so funny enough, I feel if fringe gets renewed it will have 5 seasons at least, but if fox wants to cancel it, then cancel it now.

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  6. Karo says

    Fringe has too many hiatus. And the ratings for all the episodes following a big hiatus have all been bad (see Earthling or Peter). CSI, Grey’s Anatomy and The Office have all aired original episodes each week since the beginning of the season. No hiatus.

    Fringe is already a tough show to follow storywise, with all these breaks, it’s so much more complicated for the regular audience. Fringe is the kind of show that would have benefit from a winter/spring schedule, episodes beginning in january and airing everyweek until the finale (see “24”).

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    • jophan says

      Every show has roughly the same proportion of new episodes to hiatus/reruns. There are 21-22 episodes to fit into a 35-week season. The shows that didn’t have a break so far will have to have a longer one, or more short ones, later. Now, Fringe doesn’t get reruns (except occasionally), and that probably hurts, but that’s normal for all but the top shows nowadays.

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  7. says

    Most of us are on pins and needles about the fate of Fringe. So excuse my ignorance, but I would like to know what is keeping Fox from giving the green light to season 4?

    My husband has never sat and watched Fringe with me because every season so far it has been renewed at the eleventh hour. He is the type of viewer that won’t bother if he thinks it will be canceled. There are many tv viewers like that, and I think it is to the detriment of the show to keep everyone guessing for so long.

    Especially when there are former ‘Lost’ watchers that may want to give Fringe a shot, but aren’t even tuning in because they don’t want to be left frustrated if there is no Season 4.

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    • Karo says

      Last year, the greenlight for season 3 was in march. I guess if they decide to renew it, we will know around this time.

      But if this is the last season, we will know much sooner, since they will give the creators/producers time to work on an appropriate ending to the series.

      Right now, the biggest problem for Fringe is the 3 hours of prime time FOX will need next year to air X-Factor. Since FOX doesn’t air 10 pm shows, it has only 12 hours of prime time per week of scripted/reality shows (saturday is tv no man’s land).

      We basically need FOX to cancel Lie to me (1h), Human Target (1h), The Good guys (1h), Running wild (1/2h) and another 1/2 h show for Fringe to stay on the schedule. Plus, they are developping a Bones spin-off, and the Steven Spieldberg produced “Terra nova” is also scheduled to air somewhere next season.

      I absolutely adore Fringe, my heart rate increase a little everytime an new episode is about to start and i seriously think it’s the best thing i’ve watched on tv since….well ever. But the road to renewal will be a really, really tough one. But I keep my finger crossed and i’ll be completely ecstatic if we get season 4.

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  8. fringefan2009 says

    I really hope Fox doesn’ t cancel Fringe, there will be some seriously upset fans. The last time a network did something that stupid, I didn’t watch them for like 5 years. Obviously, I’m not a huge TV watcher. I figure, I go through word-of-mouth and watch it on DVD. This is the first show I’ve followed like this since The X-Files.

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  9. annon says

    I think the greenlight for season 3 came in January. That was unofficial and that’s when the crew and cast were told. If the schedule goes like last season, the producers would hope to get up to episode 14 filmed by Christmas time. They had a two week break for Christmas and New Year and then came back to film the rest of the season in January. Telling them in January I suppose meant that they could tell the story they wanted to tell for the last 8 episodes of the season.

    I would think the same time frame would apply this season. However, the ratings are down abit on the same time last season, so they may not let them know until much later this time. Which could mean, that if they cancel the show late, then we may not get a good build up to the finish. To announce it in March is too late, because going on last season they finished filming the season by the end of March/early April. They spent a month/six weeks filming 21 and 22 for season 2. They might have to film two finales if they haven’t been told by March.

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  10. says

    I read in an interview with the producers that not only was FOX not grumbling, they were extremely happy with Fringe and very supportive of the show. The fact that they are holding their own against the Thursday night powerhouses on the other networks is a very good thing. FOX has no other show that could pull in the ratings that Fringe does in the same timeslot. Also the producers were happy that they aren’t a big powerhouse like Lost. They said that this allows them to tell the show they want to tell rather than trying to pander to the masses.

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  11. Iconian says

    If the shit hits the fan, maybe The CW will pick up the show and pair it with Nikita? I think those two shows could work well together. Hoping for the best, though. Season 3 of Fringe has been amazing.

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