Fringe 3.03 The Plateau Ratings

Many shows fell in the Thursday night ratings – Fringe wasn’t one of them. The show went up by 0.1 to a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating, averaging 5.220 million viewers.

Still not the greatest numbers in the Multiverse, but it’s heading back in the right direction – and with The Office and CSI falling, it’s an improvement on last week.

Head past the jump for the graphical breakdown.



  1. says

    Nielsen is obselete! Not completely, but it is measuring the ‘old style’ ratings. Just premiere USA ratings. In this century, Nielsen also should include to hΓ³w many countries the show is being sold, how the dvd sales are pitching in, and how foreign ratings are. Even include the online views and downloads of the show.

    Again, don’t worry for Fringe. We’ll see the entire S3 Γ‘nd S4, from where i’m sitting. But hey: i’m an Observer πŸ˜‰

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  2. kittyofdoom says

    I braced myself when I saw the title of this post but I’m kind of relieved now. I was disappointed that even the season premiere had such low ratings, but maybe it’ll pull itself up. I am optimistic.

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  3. Bishop Takes Queen says

    I hope all of those things factor into the equation, so that Fox will keep Fringe on the air. It’s the only show I watch on television other than “Community,” so I NEED it to do well (because Fringe is my favorite program). I just wish I could contribute to the broadcast numbers for it, but unfortunately I have class at night and never get to watch it live. :(

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  4. LMH says

    I just hope Fringe will not be hurt by the dispute between Dish Network and Fox. I’m not sure how satellite viewers factor into the ratings, but I am very afraid that Dish customers (like my household) will lose Fox local programing. They’re already cut FX (no more It’s Always Sunny!) and NatGeo (which I love!) and are threatening to not renew their contract for local Fox broadcasting programing which expires at the end of the month (no baseball and NO FRINGE!!!). There are plenty of Dish customers out there and I don’t want Fringe (and uh myself!) to be hurt by arguments over money.

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  5. William Bishop says

    I was worried about the ratings on the two first episodes, but Fringe is back on its feet! I’m sure that in a couple of episodes Fringe’s ratings are going to be next to CSI’s and Grey’s Anatomy’s = )

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  6. hal says

    this episode really blew me away and i’m completely confident in fringe.. although it could have something to do with me having ripped my consciousness open using a disassociative which is particularly good at engrossing you completely in what you’re watching, er.. which i totally recommend all fringe viewers to do. walter would concur, and you know it.

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  7. edgesight says

    Observer located!

    On the overpass about 3 people to the left of the bad guy just before Olivia notices him and throws the bike off.

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    • William Bishop says

      Hey! You just have to wait a few more episodes and Fringe’s ratings will be better than in the last season, just calm down.

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  8. AM says

    My boss and her husband also watch Fringe! But they alway DVR it and start watching them after about three weeks! Oh lordy… I explained how that affects the ratings and she was shocked. LOL, last episode she told her husband that they had to turn it on the channel and stay away from the TV. How funny is that? Wonder if she will keep it up? :)

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