Fringe 3.02 The Box Ratings

The Thursday night time-slot continues to prove tough on brave Fringe, with last night’s “The Box” falling 10% on last week‘s premiere to a 1.9 18-49 rating. In fairness, most shows across the board took a hit with Fringe being firmer than most, in that respect.

Clearly there’s a loyal audience of Fringe viewers who help keep the wind at the show’s back as it grapples with giants. Those giants seem to be gradually wavering, but a boost in live audience over the next few episodes is what the show needs.

In terms of DVR, the show is doing well. The Live + 3 Day numbers for last week’s premiere saw a 33% increase, lifting Fringe from a 2.1 Live + Same Day rating to a 2.8.

Head past the jump where you’ll find the graphical breakdown for last night.



  1. Lala says

    This brilliant, beautiful show is being EATEN ALIVE on Thursday nights. Why is Fox just going to let this show die????

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  2. says

    Hopefully there will be a boost in ratings and hopefully (fingers crossed) the show will be given a fourth season. If/When this happens hopefully Fox will move it to Monday or Tuesday.

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      • LMH says

        I want that Monday slot! I can’t believe Lone Star got cancelled so fast, this business is ridiculous and I thought it showed promise (though maybe only for a few seasons). Everything else is crap. Fringe gets beaten out by Greys and The Office? Now I loved Office, but both shows are well past their prime and limping along while Fringe is managing two freaking universes and 6 yrs worth of amazing, creative, risky story lines. I just don’t understand why Fringe isn’t treated more like Lost in comparison to ratings and competition with other shows. I know it’s not as new viewer friendly as the writers would like to think, and more taste specific but come on. I’m mad at America! LOL.

        I want to switch universes now where Fringe is on a better night and John Noble wins an Emmy.

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  3. doublebagel says

    Such a tough timeslot. I wonder if Fox would consider moving it (Mondays maybe, since Lone Star’s cancelled?). I’d definitely kill for a fourth season of Fringe, this show freaking deserves it.

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  4. aci79 says

    Hey.. Cortexifan kids out there.. lets get to work with our minds and emotions to change the future ratings!! :-)

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  5. Anita says

    I’m slowly going crazy over ratings. I’d rather they tell us definitively if we’re getting a fourth season or not, like pulling off a bandaid. At least then the writers can have enough time to plan a proper ending if they have to…

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    • doublebagel says

      I completely agree with you. I can’t imagine how sad it would be if suddenly in April or May we learn that this is the final season and we only have 2-3 episodes left.

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      • Anjali says

        Don’t even say it guys. This CANNOT be the final season. We just have to pray that FOX does the right thing!!

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  6. Catherine says

    Ah, enjoy the show however long it lasts, whatever. There’s nothing we fans can do about how long Fringe runs. How many seasons it gets will strictly be a business decision.

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  7. Takoo says

    Disappointing for Fringe, I guess not even Gordan Ramsey guest staring helped the ratings lift from last week.

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  8. says

    Same conversation like last week.
    In all respect: leave those ratings for what they are and just enjoy a really great show.
    Ratings take the fun out of Fringe, gets people worried about things they can’t change.
    Just promote the good word on Fringe at home, at where you sport, your club, at work around your colleagues, at the bar, or whereever you have friends gathered.

    Talking positive in your surroundings does two things:

    1. you get excited telling about it, like on this great blog by Roco.
    2. some more people may actually turn on their tv at the right moment and start viewing like all of us.

    Keep it positive and stop these worrying posts, because in the end TPTB are in control. Fringe S3 wíll be shown entirely and for S4 there is more than enough exciting stuff.

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  9. Nick says

    Well, hopefully Fox will give the writers plenty of time to write a great ending if they do cancel it. And I’m not talking about the 1 month notice 24 got. That was BS. I mean 24 had run its course, but give it the same respect ER got at least. They knew at the beginning of the season it was done. Not with 4 episodes to go.

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  10. QuoteGirl says

    FOX said it wasn’t screwing with Fringe, and I’m holding them to it.

    What really surprises me is how many people watch Bones compared to Fringe. I figured more would like Fringe, especially since Bones is growing old in it’s sixth season.

    I’m going to just keep telling my friends how much they are missing (unfortunately several are huge GA fans – seriously? How is that show in it’s seventh or eighth season still good? I imagine it’s getting quite cliched now) and force them to come over and watch with me. I’ve converted one so far, and more are on the way. Or else I’m sending them to the Altverse.

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    • tatka_sn says

      Those must be cliché, but Bones essentially is more light (no apocalypses in sight), have a lot more people interactions and humor, even if any of it lacks quality or depth sometimes, and overall it’s more easy to watch than Fringe. What’s more, I’ve meet a lot of people who have an aversion to anything resembling science fiction, most of them quite content with detectives (funny that in tech uni half on population prefer realism).
      And they don’t need background knowledge to see an occasional Bones episode. I liked their premiere this season more than Fringe (don’t shoot, 3.01.Olivia grew on me since then) even if I don’t have a burning desire to rewatch/read Bones fanfiction/discuss theories which I have with Fringe.

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  11. Laura says

    I agree with tatka.
    Shows like Bones are very pleasant to see…just once. Easy saw, easy go. 😉
    I watched Olivia something like 4 times, and it’s only the first ep!!!!
    I have the (optimistic) theory Fringe has catched a particular audience that can’t be “satisfied” so easily …well people I’m talking about US, basically.
    Therefore FOX will think twice before canceling the show. And, as Observer says , enjoy the show and spread the word of Fringe (OMG it sounds quite intentional at all).

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  12. Laura says

    PS Usually I get fringe episodes from the net, with subs of course.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t the number of sharing people a measure of how much the show is appreciated??? With the start of S3, I noticed this number literally boosted. This can be in line with the success of DVR.
    Coincidence ?

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  13. Rose says

    I’m living with Fringe.I don’t see it like another TV seris.Fringe is my life!
    I can’t Imagine they let it die…

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  14. Nathan says

    Is there a way to see what people watched
    it on dvr – I have noticed other shows ratings
    dramatically jump once the dvr recordings had been
    included. I looooove this show. Not only are the stories
    intriguing but the characters have a wonderful
    depth to them

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  15. mlj102 says

    I know this guy isn’t affiliated with FOX in any way, so he really has no official say in the matter, but he is a long time television critic, so I think his opinion holds some weight. I thought he had some interesting things to say and he made some valid points regarding Fringe, FOX, and ratings. And it was rather refreshing and encouraging to read a positive, optimistic view of the current situation for Fringe. So for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, go check out the first two questions here:

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  16. says

    While I’m not certain, I know that I couldn’t watch “The Box” because my cable went out due to a freak accident, needless to say I wasn’t a happy camper that Thursday!

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