Fringe 3.01 Olivia Ratings

The Fringe season 3 premiere, “Olivia”, remained fairly consistent with the tail-end of last season with a 2.1 adults 18-49 score and 5.83 million viewers in last night’s Nielsen ratings. Head past the jump for the graphical breakdown.

Fringe was down 30% from season’s premiere, when it premiered a week earlier against less new competition.

Not exactly what we were hoping for but let’s see what the DVR figures and the next few weeks bring, numbers wise. Far too early for any unnecessary worry as far as I’m concerned.



  1. Anjali says

    What is wrong with people? Don’t they know this is such a good show? Can’t believe people actually watched outsourced more than they did Fringe.

    Crossing my fingers that FOX is happy and does NOT screw Fringe over!

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  2. Hatch says

    I miss the old days when Fringe followed House on Tuesdays (now House airs on Mondays).

    I really wish we weren’t still going up against The Office.

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    • Anjali says

      Considering the competition and the fact that Bieber kid was on CSI, I’m not so worried.

      I will be worried if FOX makes a statement though. They deliberately put Fringe on Thursdays so if they better not have any intention of canceling it.

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  3. Cherioki says

    Ouch, Fringe such a great show, perhaps wasted on a Thursday. Can’t believe people still watch grey’s anatomy over fringe, and this is coming from an ex grey’s anatomy fan. I think grey’s will drop over the next few weeks, because viewers wanted too see what happened on grey’s after the cheap season finale they had, hope these viewers come and watch Fringe. At least Fox has signed and has payed for 22 episodes this season, fringe needs 5 seasons at minimum, I really don’t want a premature end for this fantastic show. Sorry if I sounded pessimistic, I just wished more people would see this great show for what it is.

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  4. Elaine says

    Oh, I was hoping those numbers would’ve been higher. :( I just don’t think Thursdays are a good night for this show, despite what FOX may want.

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  5. mesa says

    I was really hoping for at least 2.5 18-49. In the case that Fox does not renew Fringe for a fourth season, all I ask for is that necessary time is given for a proper ending.

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  6. Elaine says

    I wonder if Thursday nights present a problem for this show because it isn’t a soap opera drama, a paint by the dots procedral or comedy? By Thursdays, folks want to turn their minds off and laugh…not invest as much mentally and emotionally as Fringe asks of the audience?

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  7. says

    It’s all good. Trust me. Fringe does good. Maybe not great, but good is just that. Let’s not worry and just enjoy the whole season 3 that will be shown. As does S4. For sure.

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    • mesa says

      I would not be that confident. We’ll have a full season 3 but if the ratings don’t improve there won’t be a S4. Typically the numbers decrease after the premiere but there could be a slight rebound after premiere week.

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      • says

        Íf and when they would have cancelled, they would have done it right after the end of S1.
        We are now in S3, and TPTB know a bit more of storyline and casting from the writers.

        We will see more of (IMHO) the characters like William Bell (end double-parter of S3?), Alistair Peck (still traveliing through time, killed in the past) and August (an Observer that died, but still will be alive in what we call the future) to name a few.

        Then there is already enough stuff to get us to S4. And we will get S4. I’m confident. Don’t worry, just enjoy the show. :)

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  8. am says

    One big problem is that bones has taken a real down swing. Even if the viewers tuned in for it, they turned the Chanel halfway thru or when it was done. Fringe needs to be on after house or get a earlier time slot. Besides, I think fox knows bones is in it’s last season. My prediction is that next season FRINGE will be on an hour earlier replacing the canceled bones. And this coming from a bones fan. That’s what got me watching Fringe. Give it time;)

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  9. Iván says

    As i say before, fringe doesn´t have a good future. This show reminds me what happen with heroes: Good season 1, rare season 2, bad season 3 and 4. The problem with Heroes (and with Fringe, as i can see) is the lack of continuity, the show change so much since the first season, and you don´t know what will happen in the next. Why CSI have 11 seasons, 9 for Miami, 7 for NY, why 24 reach 8 seasons, why House reach 7 seasons, why Lost reach 6 seasons?, because the have a pattern, and for that reason the viewers can follow the show.

    If the show don´t do any more changes, and keep the serialized format that the producers plan to do, maybe Fringe can survive.

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    • Anjali says

      Well that’s what makes us different.

      With each season, Fringe has just gotten better and better. Heroes just got shittier after season 1. The creativity has been fantastic on our show, and FOX definitely acknowledges that.

      Remember Dollhouse? That show barely got 2 million viewers each week, yet they got an additional season. I actually think we’re okay. I think we’ll be in danger if the numbers dip below 5 mil.

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    • QuoteGirl says

      LOST was easy to follow? You have to be kidding me! Miss an episode and you’re screwed. Fringe may be more difficult than your average television show, but you can easily manage skipping an episode here and there. It takes a lot of emotion and brainpower if you are really invested in the show but for a casual watcher, Fringe is cool too. As long as it’s on one of it’s stand-alones.

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    • Cherioki says

      I, myself, who painfully watched all four seasons of Heroes, can honestly say Fringe doesn’t even compare, it is way better. While Heroes got worst each season, Fringe definitely got better. All those shows you mentioned that has lasted longer than 6 seasons, all have a procedural format which is easy to follow, serialized shows are harder to follow and viewers get put off if they miss episode.

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      • says

        Let’s not forget one important thing: live in the moment.
        With that i mean: just sit back and enjoy a very good tv-series. Enjoy and share your happiness and findings on sites like these.
        Just enjoy it and just see hów far (many seasons) it will go.
        Stop worrying about things you can’t change. Because you can’t.

        Really: enjoy a good show and don’t get caught in these ‘worrying’ topics. It takes the Fun out of Fringe. :)

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  10. Anita says

    I wonder how DVD/Blu-Ray sales are doing for season two? That would probably also influence whether or not the show gets a fourth season…

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  11. QuoteGirl says

    I was really surprised at this. I expected at least an 8, probably a 9. This is my first time watching Fringe as it airs and I always assumed it had a much larger audience.

    Grr. I’m crossing my fingers that FOX knows what’s good for it and keeps Fringe. It needs at least five, probably six, seasons to uncover what I hope they start to plant this season and the next. Not to mention all the random stray ends that never have been met. Jessup anyone?

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  12. runpaceyrun says

    C’mon guys we Fringe fans in Australia are relying on good ratings to keep this show going. I dont understand why more people arent watching this BRILLIANT show. Obviously watching FANTASTIC acting and AWESOME storylines doesnt appeal to your average tv viewer. I know Fringe fans will get this show across the line. It just has to be the best damn thing on tv….anytime, anywhere! Long may the Fringe team rein over both universes. Truely AWESOME!

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  13. SF says

    Ok, I’ve been doing my part, getting my family hooked and now one of my good friends! Unfortunately being in Canada, it doesn’t count. Not even all the dvds of Season One and Two that we’ve bought between us, too! I have to admit I am depressed that the premiere figures aren’t higher, though I am also happy they didn’t go down from last year.

    As for the commentator who said no one wants to think on Thursdays? Ah, Big Bang Theory is brilliant and smart and you have to have brains to enjoy the references (although a high Star Trek love is also a help!) and one-liners, and it did very well in its slot. So I think viewers want to think every night of the week – certainly I want to be entertained and challenged, which Fringe does. I’ll watch it any night, my prayer is that it holds steady this season, though really an increase would be what this show deserves.

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    • Elaine says

      That was me. :) My apologizes if I insulted anyone’s particular viewing choices. Personally, I love the comedy line-up NBC offers on Thursday nights. I think it’s well written, brilliant stuff that tickles me to no end. That being said, after four days of a mental beatdown at work, I’m ready to enjoy a good bellied laugh, but not really invest any more than that. I don’t imagine it’s much different for a whole lot of other people either.

      Point in case, I let my co-worker borrow my S1 and 2 DVD set. She’s a few episodes away from being completely caught up, but guess what, despite making her a fan of ‘Fringe’, she’s going to watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ on Thursdays and record ‘Fringe’. She recognizes that ‘Fringe’ is a more compelling show that requires her to keep up, but she loves her soap opera come Thursday night. And has even said, ‘Why does it have to air on Thursdays, that’s when I watch my soaps?’

      It does and it doesn’t make much sense to me, but I believe that may be one of the drawbacks of placing a show like Fringe on Thursdays in the toughest timeslot of the week. It’s brutal.

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      • mlj102 says

        I think you hit on the problem, Elaine. A lot of people watch Fringe and a lot of people love Fringe and think it’s a wonderful show. Yet for whatever reason, that’s not enough to make them choose to watch it over the other shows being watched. They continue to watch their hospital soap opera or their comedies, or do some other activity that night, and they record Fringe and watch it later. I’m just not sure what else can be done to make Fringe “must see” TV so that people will watch it when it airs. It’s incredibly frustrating.

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