FRINGE Comic-Con 2012 Panel Details


Warner Bros. TV has announced their panels for this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con, which sees Fringe head into its fifth and final season with its first-ever Sunday panel in Hall H. Head inside for the details.

Sunday, July 15

  • Fringe: celebrates its fifth and final season with its first-ever Sunday panel at Comic-Con and in Hall H for the first time. Series stars Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Lance Reddick, Blair Brown, Jasika Nicole and John Noble join the show’s executive producers for the panel. Hall H

You can find the entire serialized TV line-up for this summer’s Comic-Con over at Seriable.


  1. Maris says

    So, I gonna cry in a corner because of the fact that I can’t go!!! :( I really wish I could!!

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  2. David says

    While I can’t be there ( I’m from Australia) makes it just a little difficult.
    Hopefully someone who is there might be kind enough to put the film the panel discussion and post it on YouTube, like last year.
    It was awesome to hear the fans questions & here the panel answer them.
    Also this year has a certain special feel to it, being the last season and all.
    A way for the fans to thank the Cast & Crew on a marvelous series.
    A way for the Cast & Crew to thank the Fringe Fans for their loyalty.
    All in All a way to give each other a proper farewell.

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  3. DeepRunner says

    A couple of thoughts:

    – Interesting that Seth Gabel is not listed as a panelist. Anna Torv noted that it is a slim likelihood that we would ever see Lincoln again, which I am OK with. Just interesting, given how many Lincoln-lovers there are on the various Interweb sites.

    – Since next season is going to be Observer-centric, bring Michael Cerveris to the panel. It was September’s mistake and various interventions that contributed greatly to the show’s arc.

    – I hope WB will put the panel up on YouTube, so that we can see The Big Three and The Next Three together one last time. In fact, it would be great if WB put all of the Fringe Panels over the years in the Season 5 DVD collection, when it comes out. This year, though, each of the cast will probably get a rock-star welcome.

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  4. cortexifan says

    I wish I could go to that one, I can’t. But… I’m going to Denver Comic Con this coming weekend and hopefully get to meet Jasika Nicole who will be attending. Just have to make sure I stand in line early enough to get my autograph.

    It will be so sad when all is over :( *reaching for the Kleenex box*

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  5. Jack says

    Does anyone know if it is possible at this point to get tickets for Comic Con? I would pay anything to be able to attend this, but I’m not sure if it’s possible at this point… Thankfully we at least saw them (though not Anna Torv) at Wonder Con!

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  6. Cortexiphan Kid says

    I so can’t believe this is the last ComicCon with Fringe, and I won’t be there!

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