FRINGE 1.02 The Same Old Story REWATCH

Our Fringe Rewatch continues with our partner site, Here are just some of my strictly new thoughts and perspectives on our Peter-less predicament upon looking back at The Same Old Story.

What follows is a wee sampling of my thoughts from rewatching The Same Old Story (for additional context, follow link below):

  • A tiny thing that I don’t recall noticing previously is Loraine (or AMBER) stroking her stomach moments before the baby starts growing  inside of her. Her craving for pizza is also neat foreshadowing of her imminent pregnancy.
  • The obvious connection here the rapid ageing man-baby and Walternate’s own brand of accelerated growth formula (Bloodline), which he used to bring Altlivia to the boil in order to obtain baby Henry’s blood sample. The rest is history – literally.
  • Nice early contrast between Olivia and Peter. The former for which “waking up is not going to be a problem,” while the latter “didn’t want to get woken up”. Kinda fits.
  • One of the last images Christopher’s victim saw was a bridge. With bridges being highly symbolic in Fringe, this has a kind of natural connection to Peter creating a ‘bridge’ between the universes before he ceased to exist.
  • For last image, see last act. We’re not necessarily looking at an intentional parallel, but we can work with what we have to identify the connections – be they chance, intentional, or the always interesting sentient story.
  • This last image/Kip Brothers reference also got me thinking about Olivia and the last image she saw before her death in the phatomized timeline – that of Walternate’s steely resolve and the barrel of a gun. In turn, this makes me wonder whether this concept can play into Olivia ‘knowing’ that she’s going to be killed by Man X.
  • “When was it you lost your imagination, son?” This one is worth mentioning again in light of what we discovered in Subject 13. This is the kind of thing I came back for – a reference that deepens my sense of the character journey. As we found out in 3.15, young Peter used his imagination to believe in a reality that wasn’t his own. Adult Peter’s reluctance to ‘imagine’ can now be viewed with newer eyes. Why did he lose that ability to make-believe?
  • “I have to go back and try to find what I missed”. I do like these quotes that lend themselves to the overarching story. Will Olivia and the gang have to retrace their steps in order to find Peter, in order to get to where they need to be?
  • Walter tells Peter: “You have no idea where I’ve hidden things”. Again, not a direct reference, but we can use these nuggets to think about where the show is now. In relation to this quote, it made me wonder whether Walter (some version of him) has specifically ‘hidden’ Peter? This falls in line with speculation that while 2011 Peter might not have known that he was going to vanish from existence, a ‘differently positioned’ Walter and Peter might have.

On a retrospective rewatch scale, I rated TSOS: 5/10.

You can find the full rewatch article here and our rewatch posting schedule here. Feel free to join us over there or over here as we journey back in preparation to Season 4.

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  1. Melissa says

    This sentence from Walter really struck me when I watched the episode again.

    “It’s one of the inherent pitfalls of being a scientist, trying to maintain
    that distinction between god’s domain and our own.”

    So much meaning in this sentence with the knowledge of all that has happened thus far regarding Peter as well as how Walter feels about God and later his appeal for God’s forgiveness in White Tulip.

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