‘FRIEND’ Teaser — Short Film Starring John Noble


John Noble stars in Friend, a short film coming in 2013. Watch the teaser below.

Friend is a short film starring John Noble, who produced the project alongside his daughter Jess, who also wrote it. Fringe DP David Geddes was the DP and directed. Hit play below to check out the teaser, cut by@jonxproductions (Ari Margolis) :


  1. says

    you can tell the DP from fringe shot it, it looks really fringe-y in terms of the coloration and tone of the film. can’t wait to see it.

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    • OtherBen says

      Same here. I’m sure Noble is playing a different character, but this trailer ahs kind of a “Walter in St Clare’s” vibe.

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  2. Matt says

    I find it odd that they made John Noble wear the famous Walter-style hat in those flashes. It only makes not seeing Walter that much harder…

    Maybe it IS a Fringe spinoff. Maybe it’s 2167 and Walter is visiting the grave of Peter/Olivia/Etta. Or maybe the person knocking is Peter and he found a way to come to 2167. It’s not canon, so might as well have fun with it. I never thought I’d make Fringe theories again. I’ve forgotten how much I missed this in the month or so the show’s been off the air.

    Then again, maybe not.

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    • DeepRunner says

      Yeah, the clips of John Noble at the grave site had the look and feel of Walter at (his) Peter’s grave in “There’s More Than One of Everything.”

      I am with others here…can we look at John Noble (post-Denethor) and not see Walter/Walternate?

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  3. David says

    I’m with Matt on this one, I too, think its Walter in the year 2167, not just how he imagined it would be, instead of being in a lab filled with advanced Science and Technology and swapping idea’s with their scientists, he has been cast aside to fend for himself, Isolated and all alone, with no one on the fringe team to call upon for help.
    Someone said this could be a Fringe spin off, but whether this would be successful or not I’m not sure.
    Now don’t get me wrong, Anything with John Noble in it would be classy indeed and would be a much watch (As someone wrote earlier The man can act ) and he certainly can, but it would be asking a lot of him to basically carry the show.
    And that what I loved and missed about Fringe is how the Actors basically played off each other in delivering the performances they did, they seemed to have a unique chemistry among them that made watching the show pleasant and believable – it was like watching Family members acting rather that watching actors acting.
    So even though I would be wishing this venture to succeed beyond my wildest dreams, any actors they bought be just not the same, as the old Fringe Team.

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  4. says

    Remember what William Bell always said when he saw Bellie?
    “Hello, old friend”.
    Look at the hands opening the doors, they look like Nimoy’s old hands…

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