FOX Launches FRINGE Twitter Campaign


FOX is launching a new Twitter campaign that reveals this week’s trending (popular) topics before they start. The campaign includes sci-fi serial Fringe.

As per TV Line:

If you don’t want to know what topics will be trending on Twitter during this week’s episodes of Bones, Glee, Fringe and New Girl, a) who areyou?! And b) stop reading. I mean it — stop now.


Because this week, Fox is launching a first-of-its-kind Twitter campaign that basically spells out this week’s trending topics before they start, you know, trending. In the lower third of your TV screen during the aforementioned shows (among others), the network will be posting hashtags pertaining to key plot points in that specific episode.

Source: TV Line


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  1. Dac says

    They’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now with Fringe. #Whereyou belong #AcrosstheUniverse… So are they seeing the effect it has had and applying it to the other shows?

    I’m a little confused.

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  2. lizw65 says

    This has been going on for several weeks now. As far as I can see, the only difference is that now the hastag may change randomly during the show, presumably to see how many Twitterers are actually watching live.

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