First Look: Seth Gabel’s Arrow Villain [PHOTOS], Fringe Legacy


Seth Gabel talks Fringe legacy and features in first look Arrow villain photos.

via EW:

“I was always prepared for my Fringe journey to end immediately. I had only signed up for a guest role but they kept bringing me back in the third season as a recurring character. So pretty much every time I went to film a Fringe episode I kind of said goodbye to the show, but then they kept bringing me back. But [now that it’s over] it feels really great to have a sense that I was part of this show that was a phenom and will hopefully have a lasting impact for the genre audience — and the drama audience in general.”

Seth Gabel as Arrow villain The Count:

Vertigo Vertigo Vertigo Vertigo Vertigo Vertigo

More photos from the episode here.


  1. TexasFringeFiles says

    He always struck me as a little odd/creepy in FRINGE, but it looks like he is nailing this new role!

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  2. SissySiri says

    Obviously Seth is a good actor. On Fringe, dual role, one hot, one not.

    He looks very scary in this new job.

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  3. David says

    Kudo’s for Seth, always felt he had the rough end of the stick with regards to the characters he played in Fringe.
    The guy according to me deserved a break, and now he looks like he might have found that break
    Best of luck Seth,

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  4. number six says

    Oh dear! o_O That’s doesn’t look good… I’m trying to be diplomatic here…


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  5. Italien says

    I see the usual Seth bashers are out in full force.Too bad for you guys,Seth is doing just fine and i am wishing him ALL the success in the future.

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    • says

      Hey, I’m not bashing Seth. I’ve said over and over again that I really like Seth. I just don’t see him as a bad ass. I could be totally wrong. I’m happy he’s working. I wish him only the best.

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      • shidey17 says

        Gotta agree Scully. I loved Seth as Red Lincoln. Blue Lincoln was very poorly written. And I just can’t see Seth as a bad guy either. Those pics of him being a bad guy are more comical than anything else. Maybe it’s the pics — I haven’t seen the show….but Seth just strikes me as the nice guy type.

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    • Natasha says

      IKR? It’s completely bewildering how much posters on this site bash both Seth and Lincoln, and I’m not even sure what he did to deserve it, but it’s obnoxious as hell. Pity, because Fringe fandom is usually so welcoming, but clearly not here for anyone who’s a fan of Lincoln.

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      • _lost_stef_ says

        seriously who is bashing Seth?

        Some people incl myself just made an observation that we don’t see him playing a bad guy, so does that now mean we are bashing him.

        People are way to sensitive these days & i find that 98% of you can’t take a joke.

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        • Natasha says

          Nah, it’s not just that, I used to come here around the beginning of S4 but the constant and non-stop hate of Lincoln just wasn’t worth hanging around. Which is a pity because the Fringe fandom online isn’t huge, but reading nothing but vitriol about your favourite character is a very souring experience.

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          • _lost_stef_ says

            why bother dredging up things about what people where saying last year. I personally didn’t like Lincoln but did enjoy Alt-Lincoln’s character better and i have nothing against Seth Gabel or his fans. If Lincoln was your favourite character good luck to you there are heaps of Linc lovers on Tumblr that you will enjoy talking to :)

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          • says

            The consensus around here is that Alt Linc was awesome, but Blue/Amber Linc was a dweeb. I and many around here say that they killed the wrong Lincoln. BUT Liberty did some damage control, making him a little more palatable for me anyway.

            No one here is faulting Seth Gable for his portrayal of either Lincoln. In fact I give him props for making me have such a polarizing view of both characters.

            The real issue is the writing staffs usage of Amber/Blue Linc during season 4. He was not a necessary character, but he was thrust upon us whether we liked it or not. He was the Nikki and Paolo of Fringe.

            There was a lot of wasted time in season 4 trying to make us believe that this guy might sweep Olivia off her feet and out from under Peter. There was also wasted potential. They could have made Blue Linc way cooler, and less of a dweeb. That would have made us more likely to have welcomed him. They could have killed the dweeb in place of the cool Lincoln, making him a hero, and giving him a beautiful legacy. Instead they had him steal the identity (not literally) of Red Lincoln. He took over his life, and changed into a version of red Lincoln.

            It was a dumb sub plot in Fringe, that now thanks to the reset is more than likely dissolved. Time resets, then no shapeshifters, which means Amber Lincoln never crosses over to meet AltLivia. Problem solved.

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            • Natasha says

              I liked BlueLincoln because he was a dork, I never liked the RedLincoln because he was too obsessed with himself. I identify with someone who isn’t as sure of themselves and is a bit of a loner, so I really enjoyed his character.

              And just as I suspected, it was a shipper thing, didn’t want Lincoln “stealing” (Olivia’s a person, she’s not an object fyi) Peter’s girl. Last I checked she asked him out to dinner, so she hit on him first. I don’t think his plot was a waste of time, I enjoyed it a lot, and I think he and Olivia worked well together.

              I’m not sure how he changed into RedLincoln, he probably stopped wearing the glasses because running around with them isn’t the best idea, and he might’ve looked like RedLinc without them on (which, duh, they’re identical), but as soon as he opened his mouth you could tell which one he was. He didn’t have a personality transplant.

              When it comes down to it I also don’t understand the hate because Peter “won” and Lincoln felt so out of place that he stayed in an alternate universe because he never felt like he belonged in his own one. And if you’re going to get mad about “wasted” time on Lincoln’s plot, then blame Josh, since he’s the one who helped come up with that little twist.

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              • says

                No one is getting mad. Well maybe I am getting a little mad at you in particular now, since you are twisting my words, but it boils down to this: You liked him, I didn’t. Others liked him, others didn’t. Not liking and hating are two very different things. The world isn’t black and white.

                I am NOT a shipper. I hate being labeled as such. I follow the logic that the show was about a family dynamic, and that Olivia was part of that family. Lincoln was not.

                I did not say anything about Lincoln “stealing” Olivia. I mention time wasted on the subplot of Lincoln “sweeping Olivia off her feet, out from under Peter” I said that only to sum up what was happening. We as an audience knew it would NEVER happen, thus why it was a WASTE of time, and partly why much of season 4 sucked a big one.

                I also didn’t say he had a “personality transplant” either, you word twister. I just stated how the writers made Blue Lincoln into more of a red Lincoln look a like. (yes they are identical I know). They Obviously did this to show how Alt Liv affected his personality, and to nail down the idea that the difference between the two Lincolns was Alt-Liv being in their lives, or not.

                And no I am not going to “blame Josh” for Lincoln’s plot. Josh has no control over how the show is written, other than how he interprets his own character. Josh is not a writer for the show, or a producer. The Lincoln blame will stay exactly where it belongs…on the head of the writers.

                By the way Lincoln didn’t only feel out of place in our world, he was jealous of the life he could have led had circumstances just been a little bit different. Thus he saw his opportunity to take control of his life, and he took it. Even Blue Lincoln wanted to be Red Lincoln.

                I loved Seth’s portrayal of ALL Lincolns. I just didn’t like how Blue Lincoln was written, and I am not the only one. This is not Seth’s fault. Simple as that.

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              • says

                Also Olivia is an object. She is a fictional character, thus an object to create drama and move a plot along. Anna Torv is a person, but Olivia is an Object.

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  6. DeepRunner says

    Good for Seth Gabel. As others have said here, he was a great AltLincoln. Amber Lincoln was crushed in comparisons to Peter by the way he was drawn as a character. We only saw Blue Lincoln in the one episode Stowaway in Season 3, so….

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  7. says

    Third photo down, He’s all like: “Hey everybody check out my tap dancing number…”

    Fourth photo: “Hey why aren’t you all paying attention to me?”

    Final photo: “Now you WILL watch my dance number. Do you understand?”

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  8. megan says

    I was suprised by how much I’m enjoying Arrow. Looked forward to seeing Seth in his new role, hopefully he won’t come and go in one episode like most villians have done on Arrow so far! Unless of course he’s awful then he can go LOL But hopefully he won’t!

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