First Look At Joshua Jackson In The Affair


Via Seriable, here’s the first look at Joshua Jackson in his new Showtime series The Affair.




  1. David says

    Looks pretty pensive doesn’t he, probably thinking to himself “Who in the hell sent me that white tulip and what does it all mean, and where the hell did Walter go anyway.
    Too many questions, not enough answers and certainly not enough time to answer them
    Maybe if we did a TV Movie, just sayin.
    Oh well I guess this series will have to do until I make enquires”
    Sorry any Fringies out there, David just rambling again, I still miss this show and forever will.

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  2. Sissy says

    That man sure can act. Do miss Fringe and so much for the Science Channel keeping promises. Time for a boycott?

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  3. DeepRunner says

    I agree with others. Time to do a Fringe movie. Let’s see Walter in the future. Let’s see Peter and Olivia as parents of Etta as an older child. And since Walter was able to cross over and back between universes, let’s see him do the same between future and past.

    This was the best sci-fi show ever.

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