Final Fringe Ratings Update of Season 2: Over There – Part 2

The final Fringe ratings news for Season 2 (aside from DVR figures which I’m sure we’ll cover when we get them) does not include the uptick I was hoping for. Bellie doesn’t exactly look too pleased either. Part 2 of the Season finale fell 13% from the previous week to a 2.0 rating, drawing in 5.8 million Nielsen viewers.

Looks like the Grey’s Anatomy season finale didn’t help.

Head past the jump for the graphical breakdown.



Here is are the weekly Fringe ratings for Season 2:


I’m not going to start worrying about survival chances before Season 3 has even started, the summer will be too long and hot for all of that. That said, I think it will be important that the show picks up a few more viewers over the coming months – a strong promotional campaign and positive buzz from the finale and latter half of the season should help the cause. With Lost ending (RIP my sweet) and a dearth of quality serialized/mythology/family drama show’s on network TV, I can’t imagine that Fringe wont grow in Season 3. Come on Losties, you know it makes sense.


  1. vlada_vvv says

    These numbers afflict me a bit.. Hope the 3d season premiere will successfully take a revenge!)

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  2. Anjali says

    I’m still pissed with FOX for keeping us on Thursdays.

    If we get the same ratings next season, and move us to Fridays or something, I will go and slap Reilly.

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  3. Elaine says

    Does anyone know when FOX plans to have the return? September, October after baseball, or November? Kind of hope it’s the latter. I think a strong campaign during the world series AND the beginning of the football season could be wonderful for Fringe. Or…FOX could do what they did for 24 several times, have it premiere on a Sunday night…a two part event that concludes Monday night to set up for the following week when the show debuts in its regular timeslot.

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  4. mlj102 says

    I was really, really annoyed to see the low ratings for the Finale. I just can’t figure out why more people aren’t watching Fringe. It is brilliant in so many ways and gets a lot of positive attention. It just doesn’t make sense. I really hope that with Lost and other serialized shows gone, people will discover Fringe over the summer and it will come back strong in Season 3. I read some review of the finale that mentioned ratings, but also pointed out that X-Files also had pretty bad ratings for the first two seasons, but it really took off in Season 3. So I’m crossing my fingers that will be the case for Fringe, too. A show as incredible as Fringe deserves to be able to continue long enough to properly tell the full story.

    As for when it will come back, I hope and expect it will return in September. Bones and Fringe are still scheduled on Thursday nights and if they didn’t bring it back until October or November, they would have nothing to show on Thursdays when they’re not doing baseball. I can’t see them going that route. And, personally, I think it makes more sense to start the show at the same time as all the other shows, rather than bring it back after the other shows have already premiered and viewers have settled into a routine of what shows they’re watching.

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    • FlashWriter says

      I completely agree and share your frustration with the ratings. I think we can take solace and perhaps hope from the history of shows that had shaky ratings in their early seasons but went on to become household words latter on in their runs. It’s imposible to keep Fringe’s light under a bushel basket forever. Now that “Lost” is…well…lost, I would imagine that there are now many, many people who will be looking for a serialized show that fills the bill for them. Fringe is that show. I believe that totally. I think season 3 will be our year!

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    • FringeFan2009 says

      I think the difference between X-files and Fringe is that X didn’t start getting good ratings until season 4 and it was because they moved it to the Sunday night time slot at 9 pm after the Simpsons. Fringe has a crappy time slot which is such a waste for such and awesome show.

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    • Elaine says

      My thought process on that was baseball and football control a major part of that key demographic advertisers salivate over. Even with the other shows starting in either Sept or Oct, Fringe would benefit from a serious campaigning via the NFL and MLB, which is where a lot of peoples attention would be already be. Another feature film like advertising like they did for ‘Over There’…I don’t see how it could hurt the ratings any more than they are already.

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      • mlj102 says

        I understand, and I agree that they should use the sports events and other big programs to promote Fringe a lot… But I think it could hurt the ratings if they held back the premiere until later in the year. I’m really hoping they will promote Fringe a lot this summer and go out of their way to find ways to introduce it to people who haven’t discovered it yet. Like FlashWriter, I am going to optimistically believe that Season 3 will be a big year for us.

        One other observation that I wanted to point out: I find it odd that the five/six episodes that ran at the beginning of the year before the long hiatus are some of the highest rated episodes of the season. I understand that part of that is due to the fact that some weeks they were up against reruns of other shows, so certainly one would expect the ratings to be higher. But I don’t think that was the case every week. I wonder why the ratings were so high then, but when it came back from the break, the ratings really seemed to suffer. And, since I also watch Bones, I can point out that Bones’ ratings went through the same thing. They had incredibly high ratings during the episodes in January, but after it came back in April, the ratings seemed to fall quite a bit. It’s quite possible that the hiatus had a negative impact on both shows. Whatever the reason, it’s rather encouraging to me that both shows seemed to experience the same drop in ratings after they returned from the hiatus. To me, that suggests that it was more a problem of the hiatus than it was that the show itself was suffering. And since they both dropped in ratings, that makes me think it’s not as big a reason to be concerned. If Fringe had dropped while Bones stayed high, then I would be worried. That said, hopefully the beginning of Season 3 will bring back strong ratings that they will be able to maintain throughout the season…

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    • kittyofdoom says

      Where did you find that date? I’ve been trying to find some fall premiere dates for FOX but I’ve been unsuccessful.

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  5. yis says

    That’s a shame to lost to Grey’s Anatomy. I think other day of the week would favor this show, or to change time slot with Bones

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  6. JS says

    Hmmm… Well, you know what that means. It’s time to spend the summer campaigning to friends and coworkers about the awesomeness that is Fringe. Complaining about it won’t get the job done. Come on people, lend out your DVDs! Find out who has Netflix, and gently persuade them to start watching Fringe. :)

    Lost is over. People need a filler. I think Fringe could be that filler for them. It’d be nice if FOX could move Fringe to that Tuesday timeslot, but I understand why they want to keep it on Thursdays. Whatever. It’s not Friday, and I’m massively-dynamically thankful for that!

    Also, FOX should run a Fringe marathon. They could even do it on FX or something. I really can’t tell you how many times a show has drawn me in just because they decided to run a marathon.

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