Feeling The Lowatus Strain? Then You Need A Dose of ‘Brown Betty’

Feeling the Lowatus strain? Tired by the run of the mill? Hankering for some nostalgia? Then you need “Brown Betty”!

“Brown Betty” – bearer of such timeless dialogue like: “Whatcha sayin’ there chief?”, “It’s time to leave things to the big boyz”, and “Ahh hell!” – is coming to a Friday near you!

Just one dose of “Brown Betty” will leave your head spinning, eyes rolling, and may even induce a course or two of restrained laughter. Tempted? Well you’re in luck ladies and gentle ben, because “Brown Betty” is returning to Fox this Friday, April 8th. To celebrate the occasion, the network has re-aired the classic trailer.

Inhale right after the jump.

What a strange Lowatus dream. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


  1. Frobz says

    When re-watching Fringe on DVD there are a few episodes I skip entirely….”No Brainer”…”Desirable Objects”…and “Brown Betty.”

    They should be re-airing “The Arrival” or “Grey Matters” if they want to show Fringe at it’s best.

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    • FinChase says

      Then perhaps you should open your mind and give “Brown Betty” another chance. It is actually very well done, and there’s lot of easter eggs in it.

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    • Jen says

      I skip “Night of Desirable Objects” and “Snakehead”. My intial objection to “Brown Betty” was that it broke the momentum of the season 2 storyline. But now I don’t mind it so much as a sorta stand alone episode. AND it’s always fun to search for easter eggs no matter how much you dislike the episode, IMHO.

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  2. tess says

    When I first watched Brown Betty I had the same reaction.. But after rewatching it a few times over it gets better and better. I think Fox should air the early episodes of season 3. I got my sister to watch Fringe after showing her The Plateau!

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  3. Alex says

    I actually loved Brown Betty, maybe it’s cos I’m a sucker for film noir. Sure it’s a definite stand-alone but with all the potential foreshadowing of season 3 you can’t help but watch it over and over, discovering new nuiances along the way.

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    • alexis says

      i really liked it too. i thought it was fun and all of them are great! and it was a nice break from the story to build up for what was coming.

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  4. fedorafadares says

    It’s a detective story where WE are the sleuths — total Easter egg hunt. It’ll be fun!

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  5. Megan says

    I liked Brown Betty…sure it came right after the mythology heavy “The Man From the Other Side”, sure it could have come earlier in the season. But i enjoyed nonetheless!

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    • William Bishop says

      This is exactly as I think! I don’t really know why did people hate it so much, it was a fun and nice episode, it carried a lot of clues for this season AND we got to see Jasika Nicole and John Noble singing a little bit! Sure, sure it was aired on the worst time possible and because of the “Glee Week”, but it was good anyway!

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  6. FinChase says

    Originally I had heard they were going to air “Reciprocity”. I can’t help but wonder if there is a particular reason they decided to air “Brown Betty” instead right before the end of the season. This entire episode seems to be filled with easter eggs; perhaps we’re about to see another one come true. Maybe the Beacon will make an appearance!

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    • tess says

      I heard that the Fox people saw how well Grey’s did with their musical they decided to air Fringe’s.

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    • runthegamut says

      Brown Betty was episode 2.19. It looks like there will lots of parallels between it and 3.19, so it makes total sense to me to re-air it right before LSD.

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  7. says

    In my opinion, you don’t watch BB for the enjoyment factor but for all the clues (which is entertaining I suppose). They packed so much stuff in that episode. It will be fun to watch it again and see how much of S3 was predicted in it.

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  8. Anne from France (in Vancouver ;) ) says

    I loooove that! This ep is so well done, with so many clues about what happened before the ep and what happened after and what will continue to happen. I don’t understand either why so many people (including Anna and Josh) don’t like it.

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  9. Tiarnan says

    Anyone else notice Broyles is wearing his badge sideways (0:17). Just like this episode, Its all gone sideways.

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    • FinChase says

      I’ve noticed that Olivia often wears her’s sideways too. I’ve wondered about that before.

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  10. Pierce says

    I really adore ‘Brown Betty’. It was fun, and like everyone else has mentioned, it had a ton of easter eggs. Granted, it was a break from the norm, but I thought it was a clever way to address Walter’s mindset. My only wish was that ‘Northwest Passage’ had been an equal follow up in getting into Peter’s mindset.

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  11. FlashWriter says

    As many of you may know, I was NEVER a fan of the ep. In the final analysis, though, I sort of “distilled” it a bit and set it up to look like the trailer (B/W and aged minus the music except for Anna’s umm “number”). And you know what? It was actually pretty good that way–played like the SNL version of ‘Casablanca’. If thay did want to do something like this, the style of the trailer should have been the style of the show…

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  12. Anita says

    I don’t care what ANYONE says, Brown Betty has always been and will always be one of my all-time favourite Fringe episodes. I was DYING when I first watched it because it was simply amazing with insane amounts of fanservice and even though it was a gimmick it was done in such a Fringe-like way.

    This promo is amazing as well, can’t wait to re-watch this episode for the gazillionth time on Friday. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  13. KLA says

    The one thing that comes to mind when I think of Brown Betty, in light of what has gone on this season, is when Peter split the heart in half. I am guessing that once he learns of his little bundle of joy, his heart will be half here and half here with Olivia. What a great episode.

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