Fan Music Video: Songs In The Key Of September

Have you seen this man?

He’s out there, watching. Occasionally eating jalapeño sandwiches, but mostly watching.

If you’re in need of evidence, check out this cool fan made video featuring every single Observer appearance in the show so far. It’s accompanied to the beat of.. wait, can you guess the song? (a virtual cookie to anyone that does).  Head past the jump to check it out.


Props to lostboyragged. Things are certainly ramping up as we move towards Fringe Fridays.

Feel free to share this video with your friends (still time to get them intrigued by the show), and don’t forget that we also have an entire archive containing every single Observer appearance – to be updated as we progress through the weekly chapters.

Fringe returns Friday, Jan. 21st at 9/8c on Fox.


  1. says

    Igh! I’ll too give a virtual cookie if you write the name of the song. I love it but I dont know its name!!! I thought that It was of Michael Jackson. Tell me

    What a really great video!!!! The song gives it a lot more “spicy”. jajaja I hope Fringe succeed on fridays. I hope it gets more viewers.

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    • vlada_vvv says

      It’s almost the end of “There’s more than one of everything” (01.19), right before Nina got shot.

      And I agree with others – the video is amazing! I absolutely love the ending when Walter withdraws the needle from the vinyl.

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  2. CH says

    I almost laughed when i heard the song, now someone just needs to make one with Peter and Olivia, and him explaining about Altlivia with the song Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo (for those of you who don’t know it’s about Derulo cheating on his girlfriend and trying to explain it, although i’m fairly sure the other girl isn’t his girlfriend from an alternate universe).

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  3. Inter-dimensional Dave says

    That was pretty great. The Observers are a outstanding device. If the Fringe writers make them more central to the cast of characters of the show will we be disappointed? It might be better to leave them on the “fringe” and keep them inscrutable and virtually unknowable.

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    • GeigerCounter says

      I’m actually afraid they might keep them a show-long secret, because then they’ll end up like the smoke monster on Lost. I waited six seasons to find out it was a dude who fell into a cave?

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      • Inter-dimensional Dave says

        That’s a good point GC. The problem with the Smoke Monster was the resolution. Perhaps keeping the Observers an open ended cypher will preserve their mystique.

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        • GeigerCounter says

          From what we’ve seen of them so far, I deduce they are, uh… how should I put this… observers. :) They have infinite knowledge in that they see all of time and they simply watch how things unfold. Kind of like when you have on of those Rube Goldberg machines and you set it off. You already know what the end result is going to be but you what to watch it happen. So what are the Observers besides literal observers? Powerful beings, guardians of universes, gods, aliens…. aren’t those all basically synonyms? I guess what I want from the writers is to keep them in the show, let us see more of their world, but don’t try to explain them just for the sake of explaining.

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    • KLA says

      I hope they stay on the fringe, as I would not want them to go the route of the Lone Gunmen from the X-files when they got their own show that totally sucked.

      2 more days . . .

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  4. LBJ says

    I was guessing that song “Every step you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you.” Eh, close.

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