Extra FRINGE Episode 3.21 Sneak Peek

Fringe airs its penultimate episode of season 3 tonight on Fox with the deliciously titled, “The Last Sam Weiss”.

In preparation for later, get a glimpse of what the apocalypse looks like below the jump.



      • says

        What we now need to do is get people involved in watching. I just tweeted this message:

        America: #Fringe = tv history in the making! Watch your tv tonight, friday 9/8C on Fox. Don’t miss out, or we’ll sent molebaby to hunt you.

        Use your blue/red/yellow or red-red-red-green powers and get people to tune in tonight. Fringe deserves it.

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  1. Laura says

    Fortunately they cut the extrahuge spoiler in this sneak peakery.
    I’ve seen another version of the same sneak and to be honest I would have liked not to.

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    • Dylan says

      It’s so unfair that they released that. I saw it, now I feel as though I’ve already learned everything there is about this episode.

      Hopefully I’m wrong. Right now, I just feel so cheated…

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      • Dylan says

        In case anyone’s wondering; Olivia’s “what is it?”, well the other version of this video told you what “it” was. So unfair…

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  2. Laura says

    @rich: south park fan, ah? IMO, the video explaining the concept of evolution is one of the top LOL ever. I recommended it to my students.

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  3. FlashWriter says

    It looks as though TPTB decided to spend some money at last. Finally, after this whole “As The Universe Turns” thing they went through (and I believe that said string of eps did nothing to help the ratings), we’re getting some STORY. You remember ‘story’, fellow Fringies? Last week looks like that was the start of a convergence that looks totally awesome. I hope this gets spread around the general TV watching public. It’s sure something I needed to see and surely they need to see if we’re to see a season 5. WoW!

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