Extra Amber 31422 Promo Photos and BTS, New Character Wallpapers

Fox have released two additional photos from last week’s Amber 31422 episode, some behind the scenes photos, and a bunch of shiny¬†Fringe character wallpapers to light up your desktops.

Head down the rabbit hole for all of that.

Additional promotional photos for “Amber 31422″ (via PopWrap):

Thanks to amber alert for sending these through.

Here are some “Amber 31422″ behind-the-scenes photos (via Fringe Facebook):

You can also find more Fringe behind the scenes photos from “Amber 31422″¬†here.

Here are some new Fringe wallpapers featuring your favorite Fringebusters, Broyles, Nina, Peter, Olivia, Astrid and Walter (right click to save). Which one will grace your screen?:


Thanks to Louise K. for sending through the wallpapers.


  1. vlada_vvv says

    Awww…. Nina is gorgeous..

    Walter here looks more like a Walternate dressed in Walter’s clothes…

    I wonder why Nina and Peter are the only ones who stand in a different poses?

    Like: Thumb up 0

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