Extended Scene from Fringe Finale – Walternate & Peter

FOX has released an extended scene from the Fringe finale, featuring Peter and Walternate talking about life in their worlds. You can watch it after the jump.

It the player doesn’t work, try watching it on FOX.

Violet Sedan Chair was recently referenced in Northwest Passage. It’s a made up band featured on the JJ. Abrams special edition of Wired Magazine.


  1. LMH says

    I don’t want to see the similarities b/w Walter and Walternate. I can’t be nice to him, never ; )

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  2. says


    Walternate was too much like Walter for my tastes!

    And why would the Secretary of Defense be driving his own car (he would ride in a limo or have a Cadillac for his own private use).

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  3. nevsollee says

    I’d just like to say thank you for calling the scene what it is, between Peter and WalterNATE. FOX billed is as Peter and Walter, so I thought it would be original Walter, not the psychopath. *SIGH*

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  4. nigface says

    wouldnt he ride in an helicopter.. this is too long and akward which makes sense why it wasnt in the cut.. cuz obviously..its a commercial.. they already endorse enough crap, which doesnt bother me, cuz it kind of ads to the realism while not really, cuz you know its an ad but ads are everywhere anyway… like that kfc thing.. but that was funny actually. but it DID really make me want to eat kfc, so damn them..damn them to hell!11 in a good way?

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    • LMH says

      Walternate, drive a car? A Ford nonetheless?! (not dumping on Ford, but surely he’d have something quite fancy). Walter’s line about finding the secret herbs and spices of KFC was so great. Bell comments on how Olivia is their greatest creation, meaningful look while Walter is ADD and slurps on his soda like a little kid. Love it!

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  5. eveybane says

    Oooh, a commercial disguised as an extended scene. What fun. ;D

    But I guess it was kinda interesting to see that little exchange between Walternate and Peter…

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  6. jkyarr says

    Mark my words… the 3rd album of the violet whatevers band will be the plot device through which Peter discovers the infiltration of Altlivia! That will be the writer’s payback for us complaining about the scene being an advertisement (which it was)! Sorry Ford, I’m still not buying your crap even if John Noble drives one in an alternate universe where your company might actually make competitive cars!

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