Fringe: Differences Between Worlds


With the alternate universe ever unwinding to reveal more differences between the two main worlds of the show (“Over Here” and “Over There”), I thought that it would be a good idea to keep track of all the evidence-based differences that exist between these two universes.

In this section you will find a complete listing of every single difference between OVER HERE and OVER THERE that has been documented in the show or via official ‘out of show’ sources. For convenience, I have listed them by the episode in which they were first referenced (where appropriate) so that you can see how the distinct variations have unfurled as the series has progressed. Currently, there are 78 differences between the worlds.


  • Over There they are slightly ahead of Over Here in some areas (scientifically and technologically – various refs).

Inner Child

  • Over There Peter’s G.I. Joe toy had a scar on “the other side” (of its face).

The Road Not Taken

  • Over There Charlie is still alive and has a scar on the left side of his face.
  • Over There the Fringe Division phone(s) are red.
  • Over There the Nancy Lewis and Susan Pratt were not estranged and died together from some kind of explosion/fire. (Possibly due to an inability to control their pyrokinetic abilities).
  • Over There Broyles’ desk is on the other side of his office
  • Over There Altlivia gives the order for Boston to be placed under quarantined lockdown (May 2009. As inferred by Olivia’s discussion with alternate Charlie during her glimpse into the alternate universe).

There’s More Than One Of Everything

  • Over There they are without Peter Bishop, who was stolen from them by Walter. (event depicted in “Peter”).
  • Over There half of David Robert Jones’ body and several limbs belonging to people Over Here can be found.
  • Over There the Obamas moved into a New White House after it was re-opened in May 2009. The original White House was hit in the parallel terrorist attacks of 9/11. The World Trade Center was not attacked (episode, newspaper reference, right, and “Jacksonville”).
  • Over There former President Kennedy is still alive. (newspaper reference).
  • Over There basketball player Len Bias is still alive and won the MVP in the basketball play-offs (at 45 years of age) in which the Boston Celtics were the victors. (newspaper reference).
  • Over There the stock markets were closed for 21 days as of May 12, 2009. (newspaper reference).
  • Over There they are missing the front half of a truck and its driver. (ref: David Jones’ attempt to open a portal).
  • Over There the FDA approved facial landscaping (silicone implants with advanced gene therapy – R&D led by Intrepus’ David Esterbrook – outside of show).
  • Over There Guns N’ Roses released their sixth studio album “Chinese Democracy” in May 2000. Over Here it was released in November 2008. (newspaper ref – outside of show).
  • Over There Andrew Lloyd Webber adapted “The Terminator” film into an opera starring Dwayne Johnson in the title role. (newspaper ref – outside of show).
  • Over There Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Senator for California. Over Here he is the Governor for California. (newspaper ref – outside of show).

A New Day In The Old Town

  • Over There the Selectric typewriter went up to model 251, at least.

Momentum Deferred

  • Over there they have developed shapeshifting mechano-organic soldiers (aka “The First Wave”) who can survive the dangerous journey between universes and change their appearance by assuming the identity of humans. (first seen in “A New Day In The Old Town”). These hybrids were actually designed by William Bell, as revealed in “Over There Part 2”.

Dream Logic

  • Over There they had 11 Challenger Missions by June 28, 1984. Over Here Space Shuttle Challenger 10 (Jan 28 1986) exploded 73 seconds after launching, killing 7 – it was the final Challenger Mission.

Grey Matters

  • Over There they suffer an environmental disaster called The Blight which has killed areas of plant life and vegetation. The common (and false) belief is that it is caused by the natural decay of their world – that the holes in the fabric of the universe are natural consequences. (“Over There” – Parts 1 & 2). Over Here, Global Warming could be argued to be the equivalent ‘cover story’.


  • Over There “Manhatan” is spelled with one “T”.
  • Over There coffee is a very scarce resource due to the Blight.
  • Over There Ted Pratchett was married.
  • Over There the Pentagon – and White House as mentioned earlier -was hit in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, instead of the World Trade Center.
  • Over There they built a new Pentagon Annex. (ref. “New Pentagon” blueprint)
  • Over There former president Richard Nixon is on the silver dollar.
  • Over There they had car CD players as early as 1986. Over Here they were not factory installed until the 1990s. (need further confirmation on the date as this article claims in-car CD players came about in 1984).


  • Over There they already had digital cellphones by the early 1980s. Over Here the first digital cellphone arrived in the early 90s.
  • Over There they were still using Zeppelins as a common mode of transport in the 80s, with the Empire State building used as a docking station. (Zeppelins continue to be prominent in modern day alterverse, as per “Over There – Parts 1 & 2”). Over Here, the Hindenburg disaster of 1937 hastened the demise of Zeppelins.
  • Over There young Peter was sick, but was dying at a slower rate/given better treatment than the Peter from Over Here.
  • Over There young Peter was interested in Space and Dinosaurs, while Over Here Peter was interested in Geography and Music. (ref: “Peter” – bedroom).
  • Over There Back To The Future starred Eric Stolz in the lead role of Marty McFly instead of Michael J. Fox.
  • Over There they had double decker cars as early as the 1980s. (also seen in “Jacksonville”).
  • The Peter from Over There is “important”

The Man From The Other Side

  • Over There the White House recently had a New Glass Roof installed. (ref: news report). (In fact, the White House has a “mirror and glass dome” – ref: out of show newspaper article).
  • Over There, the United States flag has only 48 stars compared to the 50 stars Over Here. (There may be a continuity issue as only 45 States are later seen on Walternate’s Map of the United States in the season finale episode – “Over There”).
  • Over There the deleted scene from the Lost Season 1 finale – “Exodus Part 2”, featuring Seth Norris (Greg Grundberg) and Claire Littleton (Emilie de Ravin), was broadcast in 2010. This may imply that that Over There Lost runs several seasons behind Over Here (Season 6 ended in May, 2010) or that it was a repeat.

Over There Part 1

  • Over There they have “Lookers” who appear to be able to perceive future outcomes from data with high degrees of accuracy. Astrid Farnsworth is one of these Lookers.
  • Over There Martin Luther King Jr. is on the $20 bill instead of Andrew Jackson. The $20 Bill is therefore called a “Junior” rather than a “Jackson”. King Jr. may have been President of the United States of America, making him the first African American President before Barack Obama.
  • Over There Fringe Division are more militant and organized. They are a special adjacent branch of the Department of Defense, whose primary focus is natural and environmental disasters that began in 1985 with the Zero Event at Reiden Lake.  They even have a logo consisting of two back-to-back F’s.
  • Over There the Department of Defense has a different logo. Gone is the eagle and olive leaves, and in their place are even more stars, two swords and a larger American shield. (more minor differences).
  • Over There Olivia (Altlivia) has reddish brown hair.
  • Over There Charlie Francis suffered from an arachnid infestation. Altlivia and Lincoln Lee tease him about having bugs and worms. Over Here Charlie was impregnated with worms (“Unleashed”).
  • Over There the Statue of Liberty is bronze.
  • Over There the popular TV series The West Wing was recently renewed for its 11th season. Over Here it was canceled in 2006, after 7 seasons.
  • Over There they have implemented I.D. (or “show me”) Cards into American society.
  • Over There Antonio Guadi’s Grand Hotel was built (1908). Over Here it never progressed beyond the concept drawings.
  • Over There Peter’s mom didn’t commit suicide. Over Here, Elizabeth Bishop killed herself in 2000 (apprx).
  • Over There the United States has undergone environmental and scientific events that has changed its landscape. A chunk of the California coast is missing, The State of Washington is called “Southern British Columbia”, Texas is divided into two States – North and South Texas, Nevada is called “Independent Nevada”, North and South Carolina are combined into “Carolina”, Oklahoma and Kansas are combined into one state called “Midland”, The area around Washington D.C. is called “District of Virginia”, Louisiana is called “Louisiana Territory”, Michigan is without an upper peninsula. (each counted as separate differences. ref: Walternate’s map. This section to be updated).
  • Over There Delaware, Eastern New York and Southern Maine are quarantine areas (the largest. ref: Walternate’s map).
  • Over There Walternate is Secretary of Defense (aka “Mr. Secretary”, first referenced in “The Man From The Other Side”).
  • Over There Walternate wrote and published his version of ZFT“The Natural Decay of Our World”, in 1995. Rather than using it to warn or expose the truth about the alternate universe, as William Bell and Walter may have intended with their version, he used it to cover up the existence of the alternate universe as well as the real cause of the “holes in the fabric of the universe”, which the book ‘falsely’ claims are natural. (“Over There”)
  • Over There they have Nanite Regeneration technology that can heal third degree burns covering 90% of the body in just 3 months. Accelerated healing techniques/drugs are also mainstream. (“Over There – Part 2”).
  • Over There Olivia (alternate Olivia) has a boyfriend by the name of Frank Stanton. They share matching tattoos. How sweet.

Over There Part 2

  • Over There they have self-piloting helicopters.
  • Over There Long Island is off-limits. The Long Island Triangle is Fringe Event 2461 – a semi-permanent thin-spot formed in 1990. Temporal and spatial distortions are present.
  • Over There Madison Square Gardens was quarantined by Fringe Division in 1999 due to an unstable worm hole that wouldn’t close (Fringe Event 89722). Recently, the 10,000 citizens encased in quarantine amber have been ruled legally dead.
  • Over There The Department of Defence headquarters are located on Liberty Island, New York, instead of the Pentagon, Virginia.
  • Over there, the bees can grow to the size of a grapefruit.
  • Over There several of the popular comics have different covers and storylines – in particular, the Green Arrow is the Red Arrow and Batman died instead of Supes.
  • Over There they have “KGC” (Kentucky Grilled Chicken) rather than KFC.
  • Over There Peter is somewhat famous (kidnapping).
  • Over There the Lindbergh baby is not a familiar reference. It’s possible that his abduction and subsequent murder never happened and Charles Lindbergh Jr. is still alive, or that Charles Lindberg Sr. wasn’t famous on that side due to Zeppelins taking prominence over airplanes in the alternate universe. (somewhat speculative explanation).
  • Over there the TransAmerica building is located in New York and not San Francisco – presumably because California is missing a sizeable chunk.
  • Over There Olivia’s mom is still alive. R@chel died in childbirth, therefore Ella doesn’t exist.
  • Over There William Bell didn’t start up Massive Dynamic. (although the ‘out of show’ ad from the newspaper in “There’s More Than One Of Everything” would suggest otherwise – or that someone else did).
  • Over There, the alternate universe version of William Bell died at a young age in a car crash and so never got to meet Walternate. (according to Bell)
  • Over The William Bell designed the 76 and 77 (with pulse) sidearm.

There are a couple of small differences that I am yet to add, along with extra formatting and reorganizing. If you have any thoughts or notice any differences that you think I have missed out, feel free to comment below.