Mysteries of Fringe: Green-Green-Green-Red


The green and red pattern color is one of the oldest, most intriguing mysteries of Fringe. They appeared as early as the pilot episode and have had … [Read more...]

Lowatus: Fringe Graphic Novel, 2.10 Ratings, Peter’s Jacket, More

Fox, Fringe, Peter and Windows 7

As most of you probably know by now, Fringe is on Lowatus until January 14th, when it returns with four new episodes until the "winter finale" on … [Read more...]

Round-up: 2.10 Sneak Peek, 2.09 Ratings Boost, Jackson on Peter’s Mother


Welcome to the Sunday round-up of all things Fringe. Below the jump we have the ratings for "Snakehead", the preview for the next episode, and more … [Read more...]