Connect Four and the Game at Hand

The disc holders

Something that has intrigued me throughout the series so far, has been how the various groups and individuals link together. In many ways, the … [Read more...]

1.06 “The Cure” – Easteregg & Clues Round-Up

1.06 THE CURE Eastereggs & Clues

Eastereggs and Clues for episode 1.06 "The Cure". Heard it on The Grapevine  On the left, one of Roy McComb's drawings from "Ghost Network". … [Read more...]

Who Polices The Policemen?

Phillip Broyles

  Fringe is not all about fringe science, electro-men and exploding heads. It taps into an idea that corporations govern the direction of the world … [Read more...]

Fringe Producers Reveal “7 Insights”

Fringe Producers - 7 Insights

Fringe producers Alex Kurtzman, Jeff Pinkner and Roberto Orci tease us with "7 insights" into Fringe and show us a glimpse of what's coming up in the … [Read more...]