Mysteries of Fringe: Green-Green-Green-Red


The green and red pattern color is one of the oldest, most intriguing mysteries of Fringe. They appeared as early as the pilot episode and have had … [Read more...]

Theory: “Crazy” – the Object of the Observer’s Affection

Donnie Darko

OK, since most people seem to think that the Observer is the biggest Fringe mystery so far, how about an Observer theory? I've been thinking back … [Read more...]

Fringe Literary Reference – The Land of Laughs

Fringe literary reference - The Land of Laughs

Episode 1.14 "The Ability" was so jammed-packed with action and mythology that I think a lot of us have missed out on some of the more subtle … [Read more...]

What Happens Off-Screen, Stay’s Off-Screen?

Astrid When P*ssed at Walter?

The episodic format of Fringe is rather frustrating as it means that we can't always expect to have events from the previous episodes referenced in … [Read more...]