Episode 3.06 – 2 New Promotional Photos

Want to get an early look at how Altlivia and Peter are getting along post Olivia Bed-gate? Then hit the jump to check out the two new promotional photos from tonight’s episode of Fringe – 3.06 “6955kHz”.

Aww, they’re cosying up. And is that breakfast..in bed? So *cough* sweet. Just make sure you clean up the crumbs. Actually, incinerate those sheets!

Thanks to Nessa for sending these through.

[via: EW]


  1. Lila says

    You know, if it were Olivia an eter instead of Bolivia and Peter, it would be cute… but it’s not, so The first thing to do is definitely BURN THE SHEETS!

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  2. LMH says

    Tickets to something I guess? To U2 or Willie Nelson, how funny would that be?
    These pics would be utterly adorable if I didn’t know any better…like Peter.
    Let’s just hope he doesn’t play any Jazz piano or else Altivia might not want to leave. Poor Frank.

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    • Ann_Louise says

      “Poor Frank” How sad that such a neat character has such a nickname. But it fits. He saves lives, buys extremely expensive food for his girl, and all he gets is her cheating on him in a paralell universe.

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  3. runthegamut says

    Retch-worthy. And all through this tiresome storyline, I’ve been thinking, well at least when Peter finds out the truth he’ll want nothing to do with Altliv, seeing as their whole relationship is founded on a lie. As time goes on though, I have less confidence in that. I’m really liking the Over There episodes better.

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  4. says

    This is the first time where it looks like Altlivia is being genuine and happy since being over here. I have a feeling she’s starting to fall for Peter. From some of the interviews with the producers and with Joshua jackson it seems that they view Altlivia as the “perfect” Olivia…in that she doesn’t have all the baggage and therefore is like a more pure form of who Olivia should be. I’m wondering if, when Olivia gets back, if Peter will decide that he is better suited to Altlivia and that he doesn’t really dig our haunted Olivia. I don’t want everyone sending me hatemail for this, because I don’t want it to be that way, but I’m wondering if this is where they’re going with the story.

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    • mlj102 says

      I certainly hope that’s not where they’re going. I’m still convinced that Peter likes alternate Olivia only because he thinks she is our Olivia. And even if he does become confused, wondering if he likes her because of how she’s different, or he likes her because he thought she was our Olivia, he has to react negatively when he realizes she’s been lying to him all this time. It wouldn’t make sense if he finds out the truth and just doesn’t care that she’s been using him and manipulating him. And when all is said and done, I’m convinced that his loyalty is towards our Olivia. And, more than that, I think our Olivia — complete with all her faults and all of her burdens — is the one he truly loves.

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      • bdp says

        I agree mlj, I think all of this that we’ve been seeing from Peter is because he still has no idea that it’s not his Olivia. He loves Altlivia because in his mind it’s NOT Altlivia. And sure I do think there will be aspects of Altlivia that he falls in love with but I think that’s more just because, as many people have said, Altlivia and Olivia (while different in many ways) are essentially the same person. That said I agree that in the end Peter’s loyalties will always lie with Olivia and also that she’s the one he belongs with and he knows that. Joshua Jackson has said a lot about the animal attraction about Peter and Altlivia because in reality she would be his Olivia but while I can understand where he’s coming from I don’t necessarily agree. I think the whole greatness of their relationship is that in spite of the fact that these two began life literally universes apart they still belong together. I also think Peter is going to be absolutely crushed when he finds out Altlivia has been playing him, not because he has feelings for her but he’s going to be extremely disappointed in himself. I think Peter is going to react to the situation very much like how people think Olivia will react. He’s not going to believe that he couldn’t see the differences between the two and be devastated that he essentially cheated on Liv. It’s going to be interesting to see Altlivia’s side as well now especially after tonight’s episode since I’m starting to sense some actual chemistry between the two on her part as well.

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        • mlj102 says

          “Joshua Jackson has said a lot about the animal attraction about Peter and Altlivia because in reality she would be his Olivia but while I can understand where heโ€™s coming from I donโ€™t necessarily agree. I think the whole greatness of their relationship is that in spite of the fact that these two began life literally universes apart they still belong together.”

          I’ve thought this same thing for a long time. I just don’t understand how Josh Jackson can say he thinks they have such a stronger attraction and their relationship was so immediate, when the only reason it worked out that way is because he thinks she’s his Olivia. I think the Peter/Olivia relationship is that much stronger and more appealing BECAUSE they’re from opposite sides and, despite the fact that they shouldn’t have ever ended up together, they did end up together. The producers touched on this in a recent interview when they said that “These are two characters who, for many reasons, needed to FIND each other.” And that’s one of the aspects of their relationship that really stands out to me that I really like. On the one hand, they shouldn’t have ever been together, but at the same time, they were meant to be together.

          I also agree with your assessment of how Peter will react when he realizes that it’s not his Olivia. I was thinking the other day about how much people have been focusing on how Olivia will react: will she get mad, will she be able to forgive Peter, how will she act around him, etc. But I personally think Olivia’s reaction should be pretty clear. She’ll be hurt more than anything, and while it will certainly affect their relationship, she’s also not the kind to hold a grudge and to make a big deal of it. I expect her reaction to be more subtle. She’ll mostly keep all that hurt to herself. But I’m very intrigued to see how Peter will react. And I hope he feels completely awful. I’m pretty upset that Peter hasn’t been able to figure out that it’s not his Olivia, so while I sympathize for him, I also feel like he deserves a pretty big guilt trip. I want to see him look back on his actions since returning from over there and to look at alternate Olivia and to realize how obvious it was, and to really give himself a hard time for not knowing.

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  5. Nalex says

    Ah. Poor Peter. He looks so happy. I think Bolivia looks genuine there. Maybe she is falling for him. I know the shipper in me says “no” but I’m really enjoying this angsty storyline!

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  6. Aimee says

    Newton’s taunting her must have been forgotten. If a machine/organic AI can fall in love, Altlivia doesn’t have a prayer. How could she not at least like Peter? I’m hoping that paper she’s holding is just tickets and not some kind of “come away and elope with me” deal.

    There are so many directions that this all could go. Can’t wait for tonight, although I have a feeling poor Peter’s world(s) are going to come crashing down on him, again.

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  7. number six says

    Aaaand the internet went ‘splodey.

    I think I detect some cruelty from our favorite storytellers ๐Ÿ˜€

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  8. T says

    I’ve read so many posts from people that they are not enjoying the our side episodes. I have to completely disagree. If anything I think I prefer the our side episodes (although to be honest I like them both). Altlivia facinates me. What is her plan? What is going to happen with her. At this point I feel she is probably the #1 character I want to know more about. Plus our side has the Bishops together although granted I would like to see more interaction between Peter and Walter.

    Can’t wait for tonights episode!

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  9. fedorafadares says

    Two mooney-eyed lovers! Of course she’s falling for him…he brought her COFFEE!

    This is awfully awesome. Bring it on!

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  10. kielix says

    Oh, they are cute. And yes this is coming from a Josh fangirl, but he totally sells that loved up look.

    To be honest, I’m happy they seem to be showing AltLivia falling for him a little bit. They’ve talked about making her sympathetic and conflicted, which I think they haven’t managed quite yet.

    While in the end I do want to see Peter/Olivia, I’m interested to see how they play this out, especially when Peter finds out. I have some doubts, but at the moment I’m prepared to give the writers a chance. Oh, the car crash-iness of it all. As if Peter and Olivia needed more issues.

    So annoyed I’m going to have to wait till I get home tomorrow night to watch this.

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  11. Lila says

    What really worries me, is that, if Peter does get back with Olivia he would still think “Oh but the other Olivia smiled more” or something like that. And that would be sad, even if he didn’t tell her, the relationship would never be “real” (if you know what I mean). So I tink that going into this story line ( love triangle) was WAY to riscky. Even if they try to, I don’t think Peter and Olivia will ever have the chance they had =(
    ….. I REALLY hate Bolivia for that…

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    • fedorafadares says

      I hear you. The saving grace, though, is that Peter will realize that every single smile was an “act.” In the end, hopefully, he realizes that he didn’t really get along better with Fauxlivia, he was played by her.

      My wish is that this makes the very sweet, real Olivia even sweeter by comparison.

      But you’re probably right.

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    • number six says

      “What really worries me, is that, if Peter does get back with Olivia he would still think โ€œOh but the other Olivia smiled moreโ€ or something like that.”
      The only reason he likes her smiling so much now is, because he thinks it’s genuine. When he knows it was fake, I don’t think he’ll care whether she smiled or not.

      “I donโ€™t think Peter and Olivia will ever have the chance they had =(”
      I agree. I don’t see how they could.

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