Fringe Episode 2.17 Promo

Fringe 2.17 White Tulip Promo

Here is the promotional trailer for next Thursday’s episode of Fringe – 2.17 “White Tulip”.

Head past the jump to watch it.



  1. jade86 says

    This episode looks very cool! There’s Robocop and we’ll se a fight scene between him and Peter!! Very very very cool!! πŸ˜‰

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  2. Inkblood says

    Well,we have robocop and olivia can look peter in the face again.

    All is right in the Fringe Universe again.
    Although, I must admit, I’ve always hated that word:casualties. It just does sound right when refering to DEAD PEOPLE.

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  3. chadega says

    Could someone post the transcript of the promo, please?

    Can you not view it, or are you just having trouble understanding it with the scratchy audio?

    Here is a rough transcript:

    Peter: Time travel?

    Olivia: Wow, I’m having deja vu.

    Narrator: The Fringe team has faced many dangers before…

    Peter: Who is this guy?
    Olivia: And how did he kill everything on this train?

    Narrator: … but never one that could strike any-where…

    Olivia: How many casualties?
    Walter: Hundreds.

    Narrator: … in any time…

    Walter: We may well have apprehended this man already; possibly several times.

    Narrator: New cases.

    Broyles: Get a team up there now!

    Narrator: Endless impossibilities. … Fringe, an all-new episode next Thursday, on Fox.

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