Episode 2.10 Promo

Here is the promotional trailer for next Thursday’s Fringe – 2.10 “Grey Matters”.


  1. annon says

    I can’t believe that it has taken six episodes to get back to the shapeshifters. Unfortunately, I think that is just too long between the mythology episodes, because the momentum they had after episode 4 has gone. Anyway, looking forward to seeing the new bad dude and William Bell also.

    The pacing of this season is really off and I wonder if it is because of the new timeslot. They honestly need to look at it. Hopefully, they are reading the critics and viewers thoughts on this season, because with eight episodes left to film they can do a last minute makeover. If they want a season 3, they really need to reassess, and give us a better ratio of mythology to standalones than what they are doing now.

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