Easteregg: Olivia Dunham is Being “Observed”!

It was staring us in the face for weeks! The viral poster with Olivia Dunham’s upside down head-shot contains the word “Observed”, hidden along one of the strands in her hair (see the red box, you should be just able to make it out):

See the image below for a closer look (from another shot) – the word “observed” is highlighted by the red box.

Click here for an even closer look!

The first three episodes of the show have also alluded to the fact that our fringies are being watched..or ‘observed’. Many of the fans had already deduced that, as the above poster suggests, it is Olivia Dunham who is being observed. The presence of CBG (Creepy Bald Guy) in each of the first three episodes, and Nina Sharp’s suggestion that Olivia is connected somehow to “The Pattern”, make the following screencaps (posted earlier on our blog) even more poignant:

The words “Observers Are Here” were first seen in the Fringe titles (episode 1.01) after the word “Dark Matter”.

CBG can be seen outside of the Massive Dynamic HQ whilst Olivia is inside talking to Nina (episode 1). He can also be seen inside the hospital as Olivia and the team walk past the reception area (episode 2). Then he is seen standing on the train as Olivia walks past him (episode 3):

Perhaps CBG is observing Olivia because he’s jealous of her hair!?

We’ll be on the look out for more clues in episode 4, which by the way, looks awesome if the trailer is anything to go by.

Thanks: Cheery Rose, BuddhaWithMace and Fringe-Forum for the CBG Image


  1. Buddha with mace says

    Hi, I posted this on Fringe Division, and the second picture is one I took at a bus shelter. If you didn’t want to ask permission to use it, at the very least it would be nice to have credit for the picture itself.

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