Daily Poll: Should Olivia Tell Peter the Truth?

So the weight of the wait is upon us as we arrive at our first Fringe-less Thursday until April 1st. But worry not, Jacksonville left us with a heap of intriguing plot pieces which we will not doubt go over during the break.

But if you think we have it bad with what must be the 47th Lowatus of the season, spare a thought for poor Olivia. There she was, hair firmly DOWN, and all ready for a night out with Peter – then she finds out that he’s from the alterverse. Total Mood Kill!

As a fan, my enjoyment of Olivia’s realisation is in the questions it poses for our characters going forward. Namely:

Should Olivia tell Peter the truth?

I don’t know about you, but I am deeply conflicted by this one. On the one hand I think Olivia owes it to Peter to tell him what she knows – after all, she saw him with HER own two eyes and this gives her a degree of ownership over the knowledge that he’s from the alternate universe. Screw Walter and his self-interested lies! Olivia needs to do the right thing, or Peter will never trust her again if he finds out that she withheld the truth. There’s just no reason to lie for Walter – she’s already done so much for him and William against her will – now it’s time to reclaim her ability as her own, and not Walter’s.

On the other hand, the situation is not so simple, both for personal and professional reasons. Olivia doesn’t want to hurt Peter, and she must know what the truth will do to him. Olivia is used to ‘being the strong one’, so perhaps she might consider shouldering this burden until Walter decides that the time is right? Then there’s the fact that she needs Peter..and Walter, if she’s to be able to ‘watch the gate’. Telling Peter the truth at this stage could sever the entire team, and then where will she be? Where will the world be?

As Broyles said, sometimes the only choices are bad ones. :(

But what do you think? Should Olivia be the one to tell Peter the truth, or should she keep it secret? Before you vote, feel free take a look at the clip above and put yourselves in Olivia’s super-powered red slippers.

Jacksonville: Should Olivia tell Peter the Truth?

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Whatever Olivia decides, it will be a real test of her her ability to use her powers responsibly. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is a test filled with ironic symmetry – the outcome of which will give us an indication of where her loyalties lie. The results of this poll should be interesting to revisit once we know the outcome.


  1. Stefan says

    I really think she should tell him – just because they are friends, and that should be what a real friend would do.
    But an interessting question has been raised on a German website: Why should Peter care?
    It is not that he had really suffered from all this – except of the illness’ and the reuccuring nightmare. And all of his friends and beloved ones are in this universe. He may be mad at Walter for taking him but Walter has done things way worse!
    Anyway I think it is an interresting question to be asked; also the season finale would be pretty lame if Peter reacts like this.

    I think most people would be mad on Walter but over all being from another universe would be considered a cool thing. This reminds me of Olivia discovering her abilities. She wasn’t and isn’t mad about actually having them – she is mad at Walter and Belly for what they have put here through.

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    • mlj102 says

      Why should Peter care? He should care because it is a secret centered around who he is. He would find out that his life really wasn’t what he thought it was. And Walter knew and kept that a secret from him. That itself will feel like a betrayal to him. He has come to care about Walter and has invested himself in their relationship. To learn that Walter has been lying to him his whole life will be devastating to him and will make him regret ever feeling anything for him.

      Let me put it this way: Imagine your parents aren’t actually your parents — they kidnapped you when you were really little. They were good parents, they raised you well, and took care of you, so you weren’t actually hurt physically by their actions, but they never told you the truth. They just pretended they were your actual parents. But if you found out that they weren’t your actual parents, they had kidnapped you, and lied to you your whole life, how would you feel? Personally, I would be angry. I wouldn’t be able to trust them. I would wonder what my life would have been like if it hadn’t happened. I would wonder who I was and what my real parents were like. I would feel like my whole life had been a lie. And I would be angry that they were actually the kinds of people who had it in them to kidnap a child — something that is very, very wrong.

      Sure, nothing physically wrong happened to Peter. But that’s where perspective comes in. Learning this new information won’t change anything about Walter — he will still be the same crazy person Peter has come to care about. But having that crucial piece of information will completely change how Peter views him. And you have to wonder, if Peter had known the truth in the beginning of the series, would he have ever given Walter a chance?

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      • Stefan says

        Sure he will do all those things – but if Peter finds out, the only person he will be angry at is Walter – and Walter already is a bad father. I don’t say it doesn’t mean anything. But as he was kidnapped as a child and genetically his parents are (probably) the same was his life so differend? And also the other Universe seems to be in a devasted state he will wonder if it wasn’t better to grow up in this one.
        I may see this from a too Eurpean view as ancestry and the ‘location’ you’ve been growing up don’t mean so much to us Europeans. I think with all the things Peter has been going through, the hundreds, maybe thousands identities he had and maybe even different personalities he pretended to be, he may now only define himself from the moment on Olivia came to him and asked for his help. To get really weird Peter would not only define himself through his life but through his father. I really don’t think that – as what he knows, for example about the cortexiphan kids – he defines himself through his father. So yes he would be mad at Walter, but the rest of his life wasn’t a lie but real. The people he met made him what he is and not where he is from.
        As we saw it in ‘The Arrival’ Peter is not staying with the Fringe Devision because he cares about Walter – but because he wants to know what is going on. So he is definetly not going to blow the hole team up, because of this.
        As I sad before: As soon as he sees the other side in his full character (it’s status, it’s tactics) he will be asking himself if his life wasn’t better on this side. And as morably seted he is (‘Ghost Network’) he will question not only Walter but also life on the other side.
        I may underconsider the weight of ancestry in American thinking, but I am sure we will see in a few months; and hopefully the writers will make Peters actions and behaviour in an understandable way.

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        • mlj102 says

          I think the problem is that you are trying to look at the situation with logic and rational thinking. What you say is true: Peter really hasn’t been hurt in any way from what Walter did, for all he knows, his life may be better this way. And he is shaped by the people he has met and the things he has done and the relationships he has formed. But when Peter learns the truth, he’s not going to react logically or rationally — he’s going to react emotionally. And when you react based on emotion, all of those points get thrown out the window. All that will matter to him is that Walter — someone he has come to care about — betrayed him. And that’s going to make him mad. Really mad. I’ve been rewatching Season 1 and I’d forgotten just how tense their relationship was back then and how often they got in arguments. Remember when he found out that Walter had experimented on Roy McComb? He was outraged! Or how about in Unleashed when he found out that Walter had known it was connected to his work, but he’d kept it a secret? Peter was so mad that Walter had known, but didn’t tell them. From those examples, we can get a small taste of how Peter will react. He has little tolerance for Walter experimenting on people or keeping secrets. And he is certainly capable of getting very mad. And those cases were not personal. I imagine it’s going to be so much worse when it directly involves him and his life. It would not surprise me if he wants nothing to do with Walter. And if he wants nothing to do with Walter, he will therefore want nothing to do with Fringe Division since Walter would still be working with the team. And if Olivia keeps Walter’s secret, I can see him being really upset with her because, in a sense, she will have betrayed him by not telling him the truth. So, yes, Fringe Division itself is in quite a bit of danger because if Peter leaves the team — which is quite possible — Olivia and Walter will both be devastated. Walter will hardly be able to function. And Olivia relies on Peter a lot. And her own relationship with Walter is pretty strained right now as it is — I think part of the only reason she is able to keep working with Walter is because she knows it’s essential to their work, and because Peter is there to help both of them interact. So when the truth comes out, it’s quite possible that could all fall apart.

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          • Stefan says

            As I wrote before I have read this on a German website – doesn’t actually mean that I’m going with that question… I just thought it is an interessting question to be raised.
            The problem is that we don’t know how Peter thinks – those small pieces of anger could also be things brought to the surface by his morality – and being mad at someone can also be rational-moraly based.
            I understand what you mean. But I don’t agree on it – and absolutly don’t wanna begin an argument. As I wrote before: We will see how Peter reacts and under what circumstances he reacts will be defying how he reacts. If Olivia doesn’t tell him he will absolutly blow off the Fringe Devision and probably leave. But if she tells him it’ll be hard to predict, because then he has one reason to go and one to stay.
            Anyhow I hope the writers make/made his reaction understandable due to the circumstances he’s in (hopefully for both emotionally and rationally thinking people).

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            • LizW65 says

              I agree with mlj that this has nothing to do with “weight of ancestry” and everything to do with trust. As we were shown in Season One, Peter is a character with enormous trust issues already, whose instinct has always been to abandon people and situations before he has a chance of getting too deeply involved. The fact that he has stayed with the Fringe team long enough to build relationships and learn to trust them is a huge step for him, and to discover that a secret of this magnitude has been kept from him will only confirm that he should never have stuck around long enough to trust any of them in the first place.

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            • mlj102 says

              Stefan: I hope you don’t misunderstand me — I’m not trying to be confrontational or to argue with you… I just saw your question, had an opinion on it, and was trying to explain that opinion and respond to things you brought up in subsequent comments. Certainly you are entitled to your opinion and I’m not trying to say that it’s wrong — I’m just trying to explain why I see things the way I do. Still friends?

              Liz: Great comment! I like how you expressed things and I think you did a great job in talking about Peter’s character and how it was going against his natural tendencies and instincts for him to stay working with Fringe Division. A lot of that is what I was trying to say, but I’m not sure I managed to say it nearly as well as you did. Anyway, I completely agree with what you said!

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              • Stefan says

                mlj: I don’t misunderstand you. I knew what you wanted to say and I won’t use it against you. Maybe I used the wrong word – I should have used discussion instead of argument (the difference in German is way not so strong in German – typical non-nativ-speaker-problem).
                And theres one thing I really really want to point out: I’m not committed to that ‘theory’ – I just thought the question was interesting and had some points. for my part I am waiting for what they will show us, not more – not less…
                And even if I have no clue who you are (except of that you’re a girl) yeah let’s be friends! ;)

                Liz: You may have a better clue of Peter then me ;)

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  2. jade86 says

    Olivia should tell Peter the truth, unless walter doesn’t have a more valid explanation for what he has done to his son. Maybe there’s another important reason for which walter abducted Peter2.

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  3. mlj102 says

    I really, really think the best choice would be for Olivia to tell Peter the truth. Here are just some of the reasons why I think that way:

    1. Peter deserves to know: It’s a secret that impacts his life in a very significant way. He has every right to know the truth. Olivia is a firm believer in truth and I can’t see her being aware of such a big secret and being okay with keeping it a secret. You mention that maybe she should leave it in Walter’s hands and let him tell Peter when he decides the time is right. But the thing is, I get the feeling that, if it were up to Walter, Peter would never know the truth. I just don’t think he’s ever going to voluntarily tell him the truth.

    2. She knows Peter will find out somehow: Typically all secrets get revealed at some point or another, so she has to know that it’s more than likely that Peter will somehow find out the truth. And when he does, if he finds out that she knew about it and she kept it a secret, he will be just about as angry with her as he will be with Walter. But if she takes the initiative and tells him, there’s a greater chance that he wouldn’t be as upset with her and he wouldn’t push her away. I think it’s pretty much a given that, when Peter knows the truth, he will be furious and will want nothing to do with Walter. And, as you said, that’s going to break up the team. But if she is honest with him, it wouldn’t have to mean that the relationship between them would be severed as well. Her best chance at being able to continue working with Peter — a relationship that is essential to her both personally and professionally — would be to tell him the truth.

    3. Olivia owes nothing to Walter: This one isn’t so much a reason why she should tell him as it is a factor in why she wouldn’t keep the secret. Right now, she isn’t exactly happy with Walter. He experimented on her as a child and she resents that. At this point, there is little reason for her to feel any obligation to keep this secret. I can’t see her supporting him and his actions — actions which she would clearly feel were unjustified. Peter, on the other hand, is someone she cares about a great deal. And I think she feels a huge sense of loyalty towards him. That being the case, Walter would have to have a very powerful, convincing reason why it should remain a secret — certainly something more than just “I don’t want to lose him.” That reason isn’t enough. It’s a selfish reason. And Olivia is the kind of person who believes in accepting responsibility for your actions. I imagine she would see it as a choice Walter made, and now he needs to accept responsibility for that by accepting the consequences of that choice.

    4. She can’t go back now: This is one thing that I think she really, really wishes she could take back and pretend it never happened. She doesn’t want to know. Just knowing the truth about Peter has changed the whole dynamic of the relationships between the members of the team. She now has even more reason to be upset with Walter and to not trust him. Add that to what she already feels based on what he did to her, and I imagine there’s going to be a lot of tension in their relationship. As for Peter, things aren’t going to be the same between them. After she saw him glimmer and she realized what it meant, her expression was one of complete and total heartbreak. It was so sad to see the way that knowledge affected her. And knowing what she knows, I imagine she’s not going to know how to act around him. She’d likely distance herself from him, which is certainly going to be confusing to him. And on top of knowing the truth about him, if she’s trying to keep a secret from him at the same time, it’s going to be even worse. Olivia is a strong person and she is good at doing what needs to be done, but in this case, I don’t know if she could hide it. I just don’t think she could be around him, look him in the eyes, etc., without feeling sorrow and guilt. And Peter’s pretty good at reading those expressions — he would know something was wrong. And I have to imagine that if he confronted her, she would tell the truth. The best way to cope with what she now knows would be to just tell him.

    That said, I could see the show going in the direction of having Olivia keep the secret for awhile, but I really hope they don’t do that. Unless Walter has a VERY good reason for why she should keep the secret, I don’t think it would be in line with her character to go along with it. Besides that, no matter what, the situation is not going to be pretty when Peter finds out the truth — but telling him the truth would minimize the reaction and would make the best out of a very bad situation.

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    • FringeFan2009 says

      She had a really sad look, almost hopeless look when she saw that Peter was glowing. It might have been because she trusted Peter so much, but the fact that he is glowing may indicate to her that he might be a hybrid, or someone she can’t trust. Or maybe, she thinks that what happened to Peter was the same thing that happened to Charlie. At this point she has no knowledge that the real Peter died as a child, thus as far as she knows this Peter is an imposter.

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      • mlj102 says

        Prior to Jacksonville, I had considered that, when Olivia would see that Peter “didn’t belong” she might wonder how long he had been here or if he was an imposter, shapeshifter, etc. And I think they could have gone in that direction. But as soon as Walter said “Please don’t tell him” that pretty much resolved that possible problem. That statement suggests that Walter knows Peter isn’t from here — how else would he know if he wasn’t responsible for that? At the same time, it suggests that Peter doesn’t know he’s from the other side. If he was a shapeshifter or someone to be concerned about, I think he would be aware that he was from the other side. And it appears that the next episode is going to be centered on Walter explaining the situation to Olivia. So I don’t think there will be any amount of Olivia being afraid of Peter or his loyalties at this time, though they easily could have gone that way. And then there’s always the possibility that he will switch loyalties after he learns the truth, though personally, I hope that doesn’t happen.

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  4. FlashWriter says

    “There are times, ” Broyles said. “When the only choices you have left are bad ones.” This sentence can be used as a subtitle to the whole ep. We are left with Olivia having nothing but bad choices. It’s so interesting that none of these problems were her doing. She’s just caught in the middle. One of my favorite sayings is: “The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.” If Olivia is anything, she’s an incredibly moral person. She knows how to shoulder the load, to look at what the issues are and make the call. The next question she must ask Walter is “Why not?” …and Walter’s answer had better be good. Otherwise the truth will come out. What did Belly say? “It always does.” Well, THIS truth has enough horse power built in to make a lot of people miserable. Maybe it has enough to set them free.

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    • Elaine says

      I so love the way you phrased this: “Why not? Why shouldn’t call Peter in here right now and tell him the truth, Walter?” I think I’d send the writers a cookie or fruit bouquet if they have Olivia reply to Walter with those questions. Why should this be one more thing she’s burdened with in regards to Walter’s actions?

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    • mlj102 says

      FlashWriter — you have such a great ability of saying things simply and clearly and using all the right words. I loved everything you said in this comment and I completely agree!

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some twist to the whole Peter experience. It would be just like Bad Robot to make us think we know exactly what happened, then throw in some additional element that completely changes everything. But I still say it would have to be something pretty big to justify Olivia keeping it a secret…

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  5. hal says

    Peter looks really ghey in those old man sweaters.

    oh and.. yeah, Olivia won’t tell Peter, at least not right away. she has to be all weird and distant at first, which will confuse peter, and then she will probably rip walter a good one, and walter will cry – a lot. and then some situation will occur where she’s forced to tell peter, or walter might even tell him. and then peter will cry. and i’ll laugh. STUPID PETER

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  6. Elaine says

    A real test for Olivia to use her abilities responsibly. I quite honestly had not given a single thought to the idea that she might not, but how wondrous would that be if she just went all Jean Grey/Phoenix on some folks? Apparently, she can start fires with her mind. And whatever her abilities, it affords her a certain amount of immunity to someone like Nick Lane who can infect people with his emotions. Like the unwitting Joseph Meager, she’s able to control electronic components with her mind when she turned off the lights before the bomb detonated. Up until now, Peter has been sort of a trigger for Olivia to tap into her abilities. So, what happens when her connection with Peter is severed when the truth of his origins are revealed, and she’s called upon to utilize her abilities? Will she project out of control? Will she be unable to access them? Will her fear or anger override her emotions to the point she does use her abilities carelessly? I know that’s getting into comic book material (nothing against my fellow comic readers) but that would be a great storyline to explore.

    mlj, I really hope you’re a man, because I think I want to marry you. ;-)

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  7. Sbg says

    I think Olivia must tell Peter the truth, for it would make the show much more interesting and fulfilling. The idea of a parallel Universe is so intriguing that for someone to be from there and actually be living in this world is fantastic, so it would give us some food for thought…
    ~~please do let Olivia tell Peter the truth!~~

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    • WWE Fan from LA says

      I think since WALTER was the one to kidnap Peter, HE should be the one to tell him. It was his fault anyways. He must be responsible for his own actions, not let Olivia be his b!tch.

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  8. Bety says

    I don’t think that Olivia has to tell Peter the truth, after all Walter was the one who began with all this disorder here and over there. I trully believe that Walter is the one who must tell Peter about his origins, but if refuses to do so then Olivia should do it for Peter’s own good.

    I’m sure he will never ever trust Walter again.

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  9. says

    Lots of excellent thoughts on both sides. At the time of writing this there’s only 1 vote between ‘Olivia telling Peter the truth’ and ‘Olivia keeping the truth from Peter’. I had a feeling this would be a close one, but wow!

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  10. charliefan19 says

    I want the truth to come from Walter. This is his biggest secret, this is the last thing on the planet that he wants to do. But in recent episodes we’ve noticed that Walter has seemed to have more clarity, be more lucid…maybe he will finally tell Peter (not because he wants to, but he may NEED to in future episodes) Can you imagine the scene between John Noble (fabulous actor) and Joshua Jackson???

    Doubtless Peter will never want to trust Walter again, EVER, no matter who tells him. But if Olivia is the one to spill the beans, I think Peter will find it difficult to trust HER, too – wondering how long she kept the secret from him.

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    • mlj102 says

      I agree that it would be a powerful scene for Walter to tell Peter the truth. And I agree that, since Walter was the one who kidnapped Peter, it’s his responsibility to tell Peter. But I really don’t think he would ever choose to tell him. If he was going to tell Peter, he would have done so by now. But it’s clear that, no matter how lucid he is, he is determined to keep this a secret. Just look at the way he reacted when Astrid confronted him about his comment in What Lies Below — he completely shut down. I’ve never seen him react like that to Astrid. He is holding tight to this secret and he will keep it secret if it’s the last thing he does.

      So even though Walter should be the one to tell him, I don’t think he would ever do so. And now that Olivia knows the truth, that changes everything because, while it’s really not her secret to tell, she also can’t just sit back with the knowledge she has and let Walter continue to keep it a secret indefinitely. As you suggest, maybe with time, something would happen to prompt Walter to tell him the truth. But is it right for Olivia to keep the secret in the meantime? In a way, she owes it to Peter to tell him the truth now that she knows it. If Walter’s not going to tell him the truth, then I think she definitely should.

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  11. FringeFan2009 says

    Wow, should Olivia tell Peter the truth? That is a tough question. I think that Olivia will be the catalyst to Peter knowing the truth eventually…which means that she will first have to get to the bottom of why/how Peter is from the other side. She will probably investigate everything she can about the subject, meanwhile, keeping the secret from Peter. Depending on what she uncovers, this be the deciding factor as to if she tells Peter or not. When it comes down to it, she needs to figure out what affect this information will have on him. She does care about him, so, in turn she may not want to hurt him. How will this information change him? Also, she may actually think about his contribution to the team, and how they are saving lives together. His knowing the truth is going to compromise that teamwork. If Peter goes, so does Walter, so what happens to this world?

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  12. jkyarr says

    I think the more interesting question is “Will Olivia tell Peter?” I’m betting firmly on YES! Rewatching the clip she didn’t even look that heart broken when Charlie died! I don’t think she’ll contain herself. I’m banking on her either running right out the door or it all blowing apart before they get out of the house. Unfortunately I don’t think it will play to anyone’s advantage that way.

    Olivia could take time to think it over and approach Peter on her own terms, hedging the whole way along as she leads the conversation with statements about how critical they each are to the team and to the cause and how invaluable he’s been both professionally and personally… Leading him down the “There’s something I have to tell you!” path and prepping him the whole way. “this is going to be a big deal to you and its gonna hurt…” type of stuff. “Sorry I didn’t tell you when I first found out, but I needed time to think.” (If its like the next morning at work after she bails on their drinks while he’s upstairs).

    I think that she would position herself much more usefully as someone Peter could confide and lean on through such a shocking revelation if she went about it carefully and expeditiously. Of course when’s the last time you saw a TV show let grown ups act like grown ups instead of high schoolers when things got emotionally charged?

    So don’t count on that, but do count on her bursting at the seams and being unable to contain herself… Maybe she’ll catch the house on fire????

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  13. says

    Olivia should NOT tell Peter the truth! The fact that Walter brought him over from the “other” universe also means that HE ALONE should tell Peter the truth. He is, after all, his father. Yes, I do consider Walter to be Peter’s father even though hr took Peter from the other side.

    Olivia can pressure Walter, in fact she will in the future by her very presence and the fact that she will be working with Walter, Peter and Astrid (who knows the truth because Walter inadvertantly mentioned losing him “again”).

    Peter will BE UPSET! How could he not be, knowing that he isn’t who he thought he was. However, in time Peter should come to understand it from Walter’s POV — that with the way he sees things, different as they may be from what others might think — he only saw a way to rescue his son, and perhaps even “knew” that conditions were worse in the “other universe” (which we heard that there weren’t any plants, they had died off, etc.).

    Walter, though he knows that it is better for HIM to have his son with him, also “knows” inherently that he took from the “other universe” Peter, and that action was in some way wrong, even if the result was for the better in the long run. That Walter seems to have suddenly felt the need to constantly talk about Peter as a young boy shows the fact he does feel a sense of responsibility and guilt over what he has done, despite the fact it probably was for the best.

    I interpret Walter as being a “good guy”, impatient but only because he is five steps beyond any other person, except Peter, who he is only one or two steps in front of. When Walter tries to explain what he’s doing, Peter always “gets it” and most of the time “fills in the gaps”, especially when there are drugs that Walter calls by their clinical name when they are actually something like “LSD”.

    The Observer talks to Walter, leads him to his old house, tells him, “There is more than one of everything.” Then he stops. He says, “I have said too much. I am not supposed to get involved.” Walter obviously personally knows the Observers, because he goes when one shows up at his lab, and then in Season 2 he gives another one advice, “You must make her important.” Walter’s advice the Observer takes and follows through by giving up his life for her, thus making her “important” and the original Observer tells him she will be protected because he has made her important. Also in Season 2 Walter helps the Observers by hiding their “probe”.

    The Observers have appeared at important places in our history, yet they have not only saved Walter and Peter, and must have had some later contact with Walter.

    Our society sends him to the mental “asylum”, yet a race that is far superior to our own not only trusts him to protect their technology but also asks for, and receives his advice. That is significant. Olivia might be upset, but she has already judged his character and put her life in his hands.

    Walter sees her as “the daughter he never had” and is absolutely giddy that Peter goes out with her. Walter sees the relationship growing between Peter and Olivia, and William Bell, who knows more than anybody what she means to keep Peter close, because she will need him.

    So, we have to assume that Walter may have taken Peter out of selfish reasons, but it probably was the right thing to do. It’ll be interesting to see what it goes– but Olivia SHOULD NOT tell Peter that she saw him “shimmering”, that is entirely Walter’s domain, after all he is Peter’s father.

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  14. LizW65 says

    OK, apologies for reviving a dormant thread, but…

    I’ve been looking over some of the other Fringe sites online and somebody brought up the following intriguing possibility: What if Peter already knows about his origins? As one poster speculated, what if ZFT or the First Wave or *someone* got to him before the Pilot episode and told him the truth? What if he is a plant, designed to infiltrate the ranks of the Fringe team, gain their trust, and, ultimately, destroy them from within?

    I’m not entirely sold on this scenario; it contradicts much of what we’ve already learned and would take considerable retconning from the writing team to pull off, but I thought it was sufficiently interesting to at least bring up. What do you guys think? Coule Peter in fact be THE villain of the story?

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    • mlj102 says

      That is an interesting idea — and certainly possible. With a show like Fringe, I don’t think you can really ever completely rule out something.

      That said… I just don’t think so. Of course, with something like that, there really isn’t any way to have concrete evidence to support your opinion. I just don’t see them going that route. To take one of the main, central characters, portray them as being on one side, then twisting it to show they are actually the ultimate villain — I think that could have really, really bad results. Just look at how fans reacted on Bones after it was revealed that Zach was one of the bad guys. Of course the whole storytelling of Bones is very different from Fringe, but I still think that it would be extremely difficult to reveal one of your main characters to actually be an enemy without causing a lot of negative reactions and backlash. If anyone could pull it off, I think Fringe could, but I really don’t want them to try.

      Besides that, I just can’t picture Peter as deceiving them this whole time and actually working for the other side. We’ve seen too much of a good side to him. We’ve seen him actually, genuinely concerned for both Walter and Olivia — it would be extremely hard to believe that all that was just an act. And if he did turn out to be a bad guy, I wouldn’t blame Olivia for never trusting anyone ever again!

      I just think we’ve learned to much about him and we’ve seen too much of how he responds to things for it to be believable that he was actually working for the other side this whole time. It’s the same with Astrid — I used to be quite suspicious of her, but with how we’ve seen her interact with Walter this season, it would come as quite a shock if they revealed her to be working for the enemy. I think that one’s still more likely than finding out Peter’s a bad guy, but ultimately still unlikely.

      As for the question about if Peter might already know, again, I just don’t see it. Especially if he’s a good guy. If he knew, I imagine he would have confronted Walter already. Besides, if he already knew, that would really eliminate the whole climax they’ve been building up to this whole season. Could you imagine? Walter: “Peter, there’s something I have to tell you.” Peter: “What is it, Walter?” Walter: “You’re actually from the other reality…” Peter: “Oh, that? Walter, I’ve known about that for years! I have no problem with it.” :)

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      • LizW65 says

        Yeah…like I said, I think it goes against far too much of what we’ve already learned to really be a viable theory at this point (though it may well be one of those things the writers played with early on and decided against.)

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