Daily Poll: On Nina. Over Here, Or Over There?

Haz you seen ma bracelet?

She’s lethal with props as her elaborate snow globe demonstration proved, but I get the feeling that there’s more to our Nina than just a prosthetic arm and shiny red hair. With our attention on Peter, Olivia, Walter and Bell..what about Nina and the subtle clues that surround her?

So the question this week is simple – is Nina from over here, or over there?

Feel free to add your prediction to the poll, and stay tuned to Fringe to see whether you’re right.

Where Does Nina Come From?

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  1. FlashWriter says

    I’m really not sure. She’s probably from here, but then she probably goes over ‘there’ like she takes planes to Hong Kong. She knows far more than she’s letting on. It really raised my eyebrows when she told Olivia that she didn’t know anything about that symbol, especially taking into consideration that Bell told Olivia to show it to her. She was conspicuously silent regarding the backstory to Olivia’s re-entry into this universe through the windshield of a car. Olivia had to pry the whole Cortexiphan story out of her when it was obvious that she knew all about it. Instead, she went through the charade of having to look it up on her personal data thingy. (What IS that thing anyway?)

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  2. says

    She obviously knows more than she’s letting on, but I think she’s on “our” side. This may not make sense, but I think having her be a turncoat is too obvious – especially for a BR production. It’d be crazy if Broyles was a traitor – too crazy to happen, but still crazy.

    I think we have yet to really meet the big antagonists for the season. We didn’t meet Mr. Jones for a while last season. Obviously, the shifter leader will deliver some conflict from here on out.

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  3. Six Fingers says

    I think that Nina is from ‘over there’. I think she didn’t make it ALL the way through the gateway, and that’s how she lost her arm, like the poor soccer player who lost half his body on the field, thanks to that good for nothing Mr. Jones. I trust her character only because William Bell told Olivia to show Nina the symbol. And if Willem trusts her, then she’s good people.

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  4. Edgesight says

    Remember how Mr. Jones got cut in half through the portal to the other world? What if she came through and got cut off too, at the arm and some of her chest. I’d have to look back at where she got shot but the bullet was said to have been caught in her chest, since she was mostly machine she recovered quickly.

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  5. mlj102 says

    TV guide.com has a really great interview with Pinkner and Wyman up on the website that answers a lot of questions like these…

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  6. Edgesight says

    Have Walter and Nina been in the same scene ever? I’m sure that Nina has talked about Walter and i’m sure that Walter has never talked about Nina. Maybe Nina is from somewhere else and Walter doesn’t know she exists.

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  7. Edgesight says

    Season 1 Episode 1
    OLIVIA: Charlie. Did you get me in to see William Bell?
    CHARLIE: Massive Dynamics isn’t exactly being forthcoming or courteous. And apparently William Bell is out of the country for the next two weeks.

    Season 1 Episode 20
    OLIVIA: (sitting alone in an upstairs restaurant she refuses a beverage refill after her meeting failed to occur as scheduled) No, thank you. (after many patrons have left, she calls to check on her appointment) Nina Sharp? (listens) Olivia Dunham. (listens) No, I don’t want to leave a message. She’s expecting my call. (listens) What do you mean she’s out of the country?

    Williams Bell is “out of the country” in this universe and Nina Sharp is “out of the country” in the alternate universe. Maybe they swapped places

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