Daily Poll: Are The Observers Evil?

I haz a kink in my neck

The closing scene of Fracture invited us to re-consider the way we view the Observers. Both Gordon’s words of warning and the contents of the briefcase alluded to the idea that the Observers are not only here, but here to exterminate us.

Personally, I think that Gordon’s warning might apply more readily to a different group, as I believe the Observers (certainly “our” Observer) to be guardians, or referee-like figures. But what do you think. Are the Observers the enemy, friends, or neutral figures?

Feel free to add your prediction to the poll.

The Observers: Friend or Foe?

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  1. Zan says

    I have a feeling that the Observer can time travel: that’s why we were introduced to a younger version of the Observer last season. I thought that it was weird that the Observer was watching Walter, but perhaps the photos are of the Walter from the universe where alt-Peter is from.

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