Connect Four and the Game at Hand

The disc holdersSomething that has intrigued me throughout the series so far, has been how the various groups and individuals link together. In many ways, the relationships between the characters and factions form a pattern of their own. Episode 1.13 gave us one of the most insightful offerings yet as to the overarching character connections.

Want to know what connects the Evelina Mendoza, Marshall Bowman, Daniel Hicks and John Scott? Continue after the jump for some musings.

Data Storage Device

Of course, it is the encryption discs – information storage devices that have been found in the palms of Evelina Mendoza, Marshall Bowman, Daniel Hicks and John Scott. We can now assume that Evelina, the DEA agent who was taken out in the silicon based aerosol attack in “The Ghost Network”, was also a National Security Agent, working with Bowman, Hicks and Scott to counteract terrorist cells such as Conrad‘s.

Which could mean that Gerard and Matthew Ziegler were also part of Conrad’s cell. A cell who are well aware that the NSA are onto them, and have taken their own table-turning measures (petrifying Evelina, dosing Bowman and Hick’s with DNA transformation virus) to obtain, or destroy, the data that the government have on them – i.e. the encryption discs. Devices which are designed to self-corrupt soon after the death of it’s holder. This explains why the traitorous Grant Davidson was so keen to extract the disc from Evelina’s palm, and why Massive Dynamic kept John Scott’s body on ice. Those disc’s hold vital information on some the key players involved in this war. But whereas Davidson looked to cash in by handing Evelina’s disc over to Ziegler and Gerard, Massive Dynamic wanted it to do counter act these “motivated individuals” on their own. Massive Dynamic’s standing allows them to operate not only outside of the law, but it also gives them access to information that can be valuable in a war where knowledge is an advantage. I’m beginning to think that Broyles – Nina’s No. 1 trinket provider – knew all along that John Scott was NSA, and that he wasn’t a traitor. When he meets Nina at the end of 1.03, he even mentions that he’s giving Nina precedent over the “official channels” — presumably he means the NSA. Clearly, Broyles is a man who knows the value of having an agency like Massive Dynamic on speed dial. “Quid pro quo”, I believe he called it.

Connect 4If Gerard and Ziegler (Ghost Network) and Conrad’s people (Transformation) are part of the same group, then they have some hefty weaponry at their disposal — the (now defunct) ‘ghost network’, the suspended gas formula, and a virus that transforms it’s victims in Sonic the Hedgehog’s ugly twin. Not good for humanity! However, even if they are not part of the same ‘side’, this latest episode has at least shown us the intensity of the game being played out between the various groups and individuals entangled in ‘The Pattern’. Although quite how Mitchell Loeb expected Olivia to know the dynamics of this battle is ridiculous. Calling her an “idiot” for busting him was uncalled for (although she had just killed his wife). I guess this war is like a game of Connect-4. There are at least two sides (there always is, right?) and putting the right number of pieces in the correct order wins the battle, if not the war. But make the wrong move, and the whole thing collapses!

It gives me great confidence to know that events that took place 10 episodes ago are part of an overarching story. If it continues like this then I wont be complaining about the odd stand-alone episode here and there. Heck, even the stand-alone’s have at least one constant. Truly the most observant character on the show.


  1. TRiz says

    Being another “Bad Robot” production, i.e. Lost, couldn’t you imagine a cross-network crossover (which is suddenly becoming popular) in where Olivia, Walter and Peter could go to the island and help Kate, Jack, Sawyer and Loche? That would be too cool, Olivia and Kate hanging out. Similar writing styles, it could work. That would be awesome!

    Great site, you helped me out on the Cure tune. I called the song during the show but had no idea who that was performing it. Good stuff!

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    • says

      Hey TRiz,

      As much as I don’t think that a Lost/Fringe cross-over is likely, it’s odd how many subtle similarities there are between the two shows.

      For now though, I’m happy with the shout-outs. πŸ˜€

      Glad we could help with the Cure song!

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    • says

      Initially that didn’t stike me as that odd. I assumed that her bionic arm is just wired to replicate her original arm. But the way that she palmed the access lock does suggest that the writers wanted us to notice.


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