CLUE: Key ‘Code’ From The Pilot Episode

The other day we speculated on the nature of the markings discretely hidden on the St. Claire’s keys from the pilot episode. We considered the possibility that they might be similar writings to that of our Observer – it certainly looked like a possibility in this picture. However, thanks to Scully in the comments, when blown-up and flip-reversed, it’s clear that the markings are actually NUMBERS and LETTERS – 8536T18, to be exact (see left). Could this be some sort of code? What could it be for? This feels like “Little Hill” all over again!

Yes sir, we’re off to the Massive Dynamic employee section to input this code. If you don’t hear from us for a few days, you’ll know that we’re living it large with Nina and friends. Who knows, the elusive Dr. Bell might even grace us with his appearance. ;- )

Thanks again to GaBa and also Scully @ ObserversAreHere for this new discovery.


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