Canadian Fringe Episode 3.11 Promo

Holy Mole-babies?

Since they’re often good for a different perspective, head past the jump for the Canadian promo for the upcoming Fringe Friday episode 3.11 โ€œReciprocityโ€.

Fringe 3.11 “Reciprocity” Canadian Promo



  1. KLA says

    Good night. Peter is in this up to his ears!!!! Intersting that “we are not allowed to kill you.” These must be Walternate’s men.

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        • number six says

          It could most certainly be men, but I doubt they work for Altlivia. She’s good at following orders, not giving them. I’m more inclined to think they work for Walternate or someone from Peter’s past.

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  2. Xochitl says

    It seems that this episode it’s going to be mostly Peter, which I love, really, the man deserves some attention, and some love.

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  3. Isa says

    This is so different from the US promo… almost like it’s a different episode.

    Anyway, poor Peter. That guy must be a shapeshifter, that’s why he can’t kill him.

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  4. hello says

    is peter saying “you’re here to kill us” or “they’re here to kill us ??
    and why is he using a gun with a silencer ?

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  5. Fedorafadares says

    Someone in the Firefly episode thread said a big, red apple — emblematic of NYC — disappeared from the Bishop’s kitchen in the scene where Walter gives Peter soup.

    Guess it turned up on Brandon’s desk! If he’s the mole, maybe he’ll be responsible for destroying New York…

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    • Peanut says

      Well, amberizing New York would eliminate those awkward “15-minute” fringie commutes between “Boston” & “New York.” Guess MD would have to move to “Boston.”

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    • Peanut says

      Someone pointed out that the apple also could represent Newton. Yes! Maybe he was just Fringe (sort-of) dead rather than (really) dead–or in shapeshifter terms–he was just sort-of disabled!

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      • Peanut says

        Someone mentioned that the apple could represent the apple glyph–twins!

        Another possibility–Marshall Loeb munches on the transported apple in “The Equation.” Maybe the apple signals the return of the ZFT or alt-ZFT.

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  6. giorgio - Greece says

    Just because he said: “we’re not allowed to kill you”, doesn’t mean whoever told them not to kill Peter, also told them, “but you CAN hurt him!” I think that’s the man speaking for himself! LOL

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  7. Rabbit says

    Did anyone else theorize that this is all now canon, because the observers are willing to let it all happen and not interfere. They know the future because they can see what people do, people who they have come to know. specifically speaking, all the observers are doing is “observing” an equation and making sure that it doesnt stray too far. The idead that everything has happened to lead up to something, and has happened for a specifice reason as well…

    The theory being tested (in the show) is that humans are willing to sacrifice for a greater good when it comes to protecting our history, our existence.

    The observers are choosing our side to survive because we have become a more collectively humane world. The other side has become a more bitter and unharmonius place, and we are the ones more likely to thrive and grow.

    I don’t know, my $.02

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