Canadian Fringe 3.17 Promo

Holy Soul Magnets.

The Canadian Fringe promos often offer a different perspective on the upcoming episodes. Head past the jump to watch the Citytv take on episode 3.17 –Stowaway“.


[Fringe 3.17 STOWAWAY Updates]


  1. Dessy says

    I can’t believe i’m saying this, but I am loving the Bell possession thing!! This episode is going to be awesome

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  2. says

    I knew no good could come of the promo photos of “Bell”ivia and Walter brushing Gene. So they want to put Bell in the cow? Too much. Too funny!

    What’s up with making jokes about Astrid?! She is a trained FBI Agent for goodness sakes. Shouldn’t Walter think better of her by now then his personal assistant/ babysitter? Makes me sad.

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  3. Solis says

    lol peter’s face !
    GIVE ME MY OLIVIA BACK YOU …..jhrngejkzngjrenzjkgnjrelzngkre!!!!!
    poor him hahaha

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  4. Dylan says

    I dunno…

    All this with Bell and Olivia seems to undermine and take away from Bell’s “death” in the season 2 finale.

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    • real1 says

      Well , I can say .. Bell didn’t die in s2ep22 …… in s2ep21 .. Brandon did explain how the body of the cup can’t be compacted , and Walter said that’s why Bell can’t come back to our universe , so … Bell did left his body and was waiting a hosting to enter it .

      that’s the most realistic thing that I did think about .

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      • William Bishop says

        Well, the “Great Beyond” thing form 6B didn’t actually help, I hope that they end up re-building Bell’s body, with Ninmoy returning fro retirement, he did an amazing job with Bell, just like Anna will do.

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  5. runpaceyrun says

    OH that was so funny. The Canadian promos always give us more. LOVE THEM!!! Anna as Bell is BRILLIANT! Fringe … just keep on amazing me. I want MORE.

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  6. augusta says

    wow. assign astrid? poor poor girl. those dirty old men…
    Question: will Olivia remember any of this? She’s pretty good at the sharing consciousness thing, so it will be interesting to see how this one works.

    I hope that they get some answers out of Bell — he’s got way too many pertinent secrets.

    And I wonder how the Nina and Bell reunion will go…

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  7. AnTo says

    This is going to be so good, wait for the Bellivia Walter bounce, Anna has got Bell spot on, watch the scenes of Olivia and Bell besides this clip and the American one. Face, way of looking just in these clips. The voice has to be, listen to bell, raspy and it is his thoughts that come to live via the voice, so there has to be the Bell trace.

    And what a guts ,that is daring to take risks, after all it is Nimoy/Bell.

    How much as I will miss Olivia, seeing Anna Torv like this, epi 17 please.

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  8. Wikiaddicted723 says

    OMG it’s not the first time I say this but that WOMAN DESERVES an award!!! I am goin to laugh so, so hard when this episode comes out, I just know it.

    “… Don’t listen to him…..her.” go Peter, you can hold your horses for a couple of weeks, I know you can!!! Unless, that is, yo decide to go bi…..LOL

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