Canadian Fringe 3.06 Promo – Something Evil In The Air

Here’s the Citytv Canadian promo for Thursday’s new episode of Fringe “6955kHz”. Get a whiff of it below the jump.



    • LMH says

      My thoughts exactly! It was at least a few of them. Yay Markham! He was right about Peter and Olivia, let’s see if he notices anything.

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  1. LMH says

    That white box as “the source” Altivia’s asking about reminds me of the Jones bomb from 1.14. Hey Liv, if your the real gatekeeper why don’t you turn that thing off using all your magic powers?

    This ep looks crazy. Can’t wait to see how those pieces of information fit together.

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  2. LizW65 says

    Great, Markham’s one of my favorite minor characters on the show. (I’ll be really pissed if Alt-Liv blows him away!) This is shaping up to be a very interesting episode.

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    • Alexia says

      I love the fact that tou start very calm “hummm…” and end screaming “SCREWING AND IMPOSTER!!!!” xd

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