Lots of businesses see significant improvements through using the suite of products available through NaviStone. The company has recently made great strides towards incorporating the latest in technology with effective marketing. Plenty of businesses have uncovered key audiences and fruitful areas of growth thanks to the detailed data produced by NaviStone. If you’re currently thinking of boosting the marketing power of your business, here’s a helpful guide on some of the most popular NaviStone products.

NaviStone Prospecting

If you’re looking to use direct mail campaigns, then using NaviStone Prospecting is a fantastic strategy. This product is one of the best analytical tools available for your website traffic. Essentially, the tool analyzes each and every visitor to your website and associates them with a postal name and address if possible. NaviStone has an incredible success rate of over 60% when looking to match each visitor with postal details. Hence, this useful tool allows you to quickly identify the geographic location of some of your most interested and loyal customers.

NaviStone Prospecting provides you with some of the most accurate data possible to start a direct mailing campaign. Once the tool has matched visitors to postal details, you can start sending direct mail to these individuals in a highly targeted fashion. You can do things such as check whether a target for your mail campaign is a regular visitor or not, allowing you to filter out prospects that might not be receptive to mail. You’ll never have to worry about having to send mail that doesn’t convert, as NaviStone provides you with all the data necessary to send mail only to those where conversion is statistically very plausible.

NaviStone Reactivation

If you’re looking to recapture lapsed buyers that may have started to lost interest in your brand, NaviStone Reactivation is the perfect solution. The solution uses revolutionary algorithms to continually analyze visitors who are not active enough for direct mail campaigns, yet are still a valuable prospect. NaviStone uses a set of key metrics to judge whether or not it’s worth pursuing a lapsed buyer or prospect that has slowly started to lose interest. Directly targeting these visitors right when they’re starting to look elsewhere is the perfect way to reactive their interest in your brand and company. Plenty of businesses have seen tremendous success using NaviStone Reactivation, as it allowed them to capture plenty of customers that otherwise would’ve forgotten about their company.

NaviStone Postcard Program

NaviStone products are greatly enhanced through the postcard program provided by the company. The postcard program is delivered using the best couriers in the area, often involving delivery times of less than twenty-four hours. The swift execution of the program makes it perfect for quickly notifying and targeting prospects through postcards. If you notice a sudden surge in interest for a particular service or product in your area, you can immediately target potential clients using the postcard program for instantaneous results. The postcard program matches the high-quality analytics provided by NaviStone with quick and efficient execution to ensure that all of your marketing campaigns deliver you the best conversion rates possible.

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