Niche Edits are build the same way as high traffic Guest Posts. You will need to send outreach emails yourself to the page owners or you buy seo backlinks from reputable vendors. They are usually priced anywhere between $40-$300 depending on the quality of the link. You can also use agencies to order these such as Charles Floates new project  The Niche Edit prices depends on your category. Gambling links and adult links are often harder to find and more expensive.

When building niche edits your SEO consultant should make sure that:

  • It’s an aged URL with authority
  • It is relevant for your website
  • Bonus: It has traffic
  • The website traffic looks steady and no huge drops last couple of months (Google penalty check)

Here’s why Niche Edits are powerful:

  • Most already have tier 2 links pointing to them
  • They are indexed in the SERP
  • Most have some kind of traffic (at least those you should look for)
  • The SEO business says they are more powerful than Guest Posts
  • Require less work than Guest Posts

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What categories can I build Niche Edits in?

You can build Niche Edits in all kind of niches. This includes Gambling, Adult and Pharma. They are most likely more expensive to build but non the less very powerful and accessable. Some of the most popular niches are currently amazon affiliate markets such as tools, beauty & cosmetics, health & wellness and the Outdoor niche such as camping gear or running gear. This is a huge market in Google and there are tons of searches for these niches. Good examples of beauty niches are searches such as “best makeup brushes” with tons of affiliate sites sending their traffic through amazon for a good commission.

Are Niche Edits Blackhat?

Every single link you get unnaturally is against Google guidelines and that means it’s a blackhat technique. This includes paid links which most Niche Edits are. So yes, of course Niche Edits is a blackhat link method to manipulate your rankings. Most people would consider it a greyhat technique since it does not include unethical SEO. I will consider it a blackhat technique.

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