BTS Photos – Johari Window, What Lies Below, Bishop Revival & Jacksonville

Seeing as things are a bit quiet on the Fringe front, what with it being the Lowatus and all, I thought I’d post the BTS (behind the scenes) photos from the past few episodes, including: Johari Window, What Lies Below, The Bishop Revival and Jacksonville. ‘Behind the scenes’ help to capture the building blocks of a scene, like the innocent moment above with Anna Torv and child. Before said child went all John Locke on her. Head past the break for more pictorial insights.

As always, click on images to enlarge:

2.11 Johari Window

2.12 What Lies Below

2.13 The Bishop Revival

2.14 Jacksonville


Thanks to Jose for sending the photos over.


  1. mlj102 says

    I absolutely adore that picture of Anna Torv and the girl who plays Olive — it’s a great shot of the two of them!

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  2. Elaine says

    The little actress who played Olive really looks like she could be Torv’s child…or her as a child. So cute.

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