Breaking News: Fringe goes to Monday for one night only, Battles Heroes?

Fringe could square off against Heroes for one night

According to The Futon Critic website, FOX will be give Fringe a huge boost by airing an “original episode” on Monday Jan 11th, following House. That’s 3 days before the show is due to return from its “winter hiatus” on January 14th. The details are still a bit sketchy, but we’re assuming that this “original episode” will be the unaired stand-alone that was filmed towards the back-end of last season.

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Could this be the “original episode” in question?:

Bear in mind, at this stage we’re only speculating on which original episode FOX will air, FOX are yet to confirm the episode they plan to show. That said, the trailer above is the only episode we know of that would seem to make sense, as we can’t see them airing episode 2.11 on Jan 11th and episode 2.12 on Jan 14th. But they could surprise us!

Another interesting aspect is that Fringe will be going up against new competition, albeit for one night only:

Said pair will face off against the time period premieres of “Chuck” and “Heroes” on NBC as well as fresh installments of CBS’s comedies and week two of “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love” on ABC.

[source: futon critic]

This will be interesting as FOX might use the ratings to gauge how well the show does away from the Thursday time-slot. And then there’s the potential face-off with Heroes. As I said, this will be very interesting.

We’ll update with more official information as and when we get, but at the moment we’re looking at the following schedule (may be subject to alteration):

  • Next Fringe episode: “Original Episode” – Jan 11th.
  • Episode 2.11 to 2.14: Jan 14th through to Feb 4th, before the mid-season hiatus.
  • Fringe returns from mid-season hiatus: April 1st (seriously).


  1. charliefan19 says

    These hiatuses are driving me crazy.

    I heard several days ago that an unaired episode from season1 would be on before 1/14, so I’m hoping it is indeed what the trailer is from. Looks exciting. And hopefully my man Charlie will be in it…(raises eyes beseechingly to heaven) I am forever an optimist. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Reflection says

    I despise the Lowatus as much as anyone, but really, it’s not like it’s unexpected. All shows go on break over the holidays, so you really can’t complain about that one. As for the sadly long one coming up in February/March, I don’t like it, but again, it kind of had to happen. If they didn’t do the long two month break, they would have to do several short breaks in order to get the show all the way out to May — I think people would hate that even more because they would complain that the constant breaks ruin the flow and continuity of the show. It could certainly be worse — some shows finished up in December and aren’t even coming back until April. At least we’ll have a few more episodes before that.

    I’m just saying that, while the Lowatus truly is awful, that’s kind of the way TV is. Now Bones last season was something to get upset about — from January to April, that poor show was constantly being pre-empted to make way for American Idol and speeches by the President. That was something to get mad about because you thought you were getting an episode, just to find out it was pre-empted another week.

    Personally, I would hate to be a show like 24 because, while it’s nice to get all of the episodes in a row, the wait between seasons is so long! I thought last summer between seasons of Fringe was long enough — it would be terrible to have to wait from May until the next January.

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  3. James Moriarty says

    omg, they said that villian died wtf? and where did his henchperson(1) comefrom, is that a kingpin or just another goon?

    holy fuck, i thought that guy was dead?

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  4. Helen says

    In total agreement with the lowatus hate but at least they are airing this extra episode it could have been gathering dust looked away somewhere at least they are showing it to the light of day. Plus Heroes has had reli low ratings this season at it’s lowest around 5.4 I think and Fringe has done better than that especially recently so wouldn’t be great if we show Fox that if they change the day it would contend with and even beat another Veteran show like Heroes …. thus proving that they HAVE to move it OFF THURSDAY’S PLEASE FOX !!!!

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  5. Xochitl says

    this has to be that episode! (the one on the teaser above) in my country they have been airing a comercial since the season premiere with this scenes and it has been driving me crazy to know where they were from, this has to be :)

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  6. says

    I wish they would move it to a night it doesn’t have to compete with another sci-fi hit show, like Tuesday or something. The two original eps in one week thing is not cool, either, I don’t think. Are they standalones? Mythology-heavy? One of each? Either way, I don’t like it!

    But I do like the chance at a new night, at least. Thursday is a killer for such a young show.

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    • Page 48 says

      I wouldn’t want to be “Heroes” when “Fringe” bears down on them with a dusted off, standalone, S1, FOTW episode.

      FOX doesn’t look like it’s brimming with confidence about a Monday night showdown when it’s not willing to risk anything more than a first season “bonus track”.

      That said, “Heroes” went off the rails long ago and has to be living on borrowed time by anyone’s standards.

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  7. MichaelM says

    The hiatuses are annoying. 20 years ago,there weren’t nearly as many – and seasons of most shows had more episodes per season. Hiatuses ruin shows quite easily – a lot of “almost” fans just forget about it and stop watching.

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