Brand New Season 2 FRINGE Poster! UPDATED

Update: It looks like there are clues in the poster – the leaf (ala leaf glyph) being the most obvious. And is that a Slusho Walter is slurping? Take a close look and let us know if you find anything!

Update 2: Below the jump we reveal the whereabouts of the leaf, 6 fingered hand, (we think) the seahorse and more! Update 3: Slightly larger version added.

Fringe Season 2 Poster

Here is the first Fringe season 2 poster, with the tagline “New Cases, Endless Impossibilities”.

Click the jump for larger version:

Fringe season 2 poster

Annotated on the image below are the clues we think we can see:

  • A: leaf
  • B: 6 fingered hand imprinted on the concrete
  • C: Seahorse?
  • D: Smoke Face (thanks to Tommy in the comments for the corroboration)
  • Walter also appears to be drinking a Slusho
  • There are several of the trademark “yellow orbs” floating about the place (I counted 3 on the larger image)
  • Peter and Olivia appear to be wearing “blacks and grays” (mythology reference from ep. 1.17), whilst Walter is wearing a white coat.

Fringe season 2 poster with clues

[copyright: FOX]

I love this image, particularly because it’s almost begging us to take another trip down the ‘rabbit hole’ come the new season. We await the HQ versions for a better look.

Update 3: You can find the high quality version here.


  1. mlj102 says

    I’m so thrilled to have some new pictures to look at! Thanks for posting! I think this one is a great one, too.

    Okay, so I’ve managed to find the leaf, the hand, and the smoke. Has anyone been able to find any other glyphs in the larger poster?

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  2. gninadz says

    season 2 looks great

    i find the leaf , the smoke

    but not yet the hand

    could you help me ?

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  3. says

    Wow! Thanks a lot!
    I found the six fingered hand, but i didn’t find the smoke And the leaf! I will be really appreciated if you let me know how to find’em.
    Live long and prosper!! πŸ˜€

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  4. FlashWriter says

    The glyphs are interesting, but have you noticed that both Olivia and Peter are wearing almost the same style clothes? I mean same color and style shirt, leather coats…this can’t be just coincidence.

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  5. FlashWriter says

    …and both have flashlights. Where can we go to download a larger image? These are great. I’ve been promoting “Fringe” at work, these would be great to scatter around (you know, on Bulleting Boards, attachment to e-mails, that kind of thing).

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  6. mlj102 says

    Another observation (although we’ll likely never get an explanation): It appears as though whatever caused the large hole in the ground happened after the place had been taped off as a crime scene, since the caution tape is in the hole as well. If it had been taped off after they found the giant hole, then the tape would still be up off the ground like it should be. So then why was it a crime scene to begin with, and what happened to cause the “rabbit hole”? Very strange picture! Of course, it is Fringe, so I would expect nothing less!

    I was so excited to see that there were glyphs secretly hidden throughout the picture. Brilliant! I’ve been really looking for a flower or a butterfly, since they both seem like they would fit in a picture like this, but I just can’t see well enough — maybe we’ll be able to find more when the picture comes out in higher quality!

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    • says

      Good point about the caution tape being in the hole – suggesting that something escaped after the initial investigation (it didn’t even make it back to the lab!).

      Probably the closest ‘in-show’ example of something like this happening would be the beacon – although under entirely different circumstances!

      Very strange picture indeed – I think that the marketing/graphic dept. have really captured the essense of the show with this one.

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      • gil_cdn says

        The first thing that comes to mind is the BEACON (ep.1.04), cause it last disappeared into the ground … although it would be interesting that they find a worm hole to the alter universe.

        Also noticed that half of the hole is on grass and the other half on stone/rock … reminds me of Olivia’s first shared dream state where half the surrounding environment is a grave yard and the other half – FBI head quarter.

        I would love to have this poster on my living room wall. It would be so cool!

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  7. Chris says

    THe daisy is on the left of the picture right by Peter’s knee. Point ‘C’ is labeled as ‘seahorse?’ when in fact it is the butterfly. The observer can be seen right over Peter’s left shoulder and there is a pic of something to the left of the rabbit hole.

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  8. ilovefringe! says

    You can also see the frog with the phi sign in the tree to the far right
    the apple in the tree to the far left
    the flower near peter’s left foot
    and the hand at near the bottom of the frame, under the big hole

    look behind peter’s shoulder and see the observer

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