Bloodline Behind The Scenes Photos

Here are two behind the scenes photos from last Friday’s “Bloodline”. That Fringe Division poster is pretty darn cool.



  1. Nep + Will says

    Just take note that the below translations are not word for word, as that would totally screw up the proper chinese-to-english translation :)

    Orange characters: Be aware/vigilant

    White characters: If you see any strange events, please contact managing organizations at 7-1-1

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    • says

      The orange characters can also be: BE ON ALERT.

      It’s how I read it, before I checked Google Translate. I’m glad I took a year of translation.

      You are right about the white characters.

      The message is: Report anomalous events. Phone managing organization.

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    • herrMrtn says

      The sign was, understandably, not created by a native speaker. Wrong word choices, but the literal translation (following word order) is as follows:

      Telephone to report suspicious activity to governing authorities, call 7-1-1.

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  2. lizw65 says

    Did anyone get the “Buddha in the road” reference during the scenes in Chinatown? I wondered why they chose to focus on that creepy masked guy, but didn’t catch the reference until it was pointed out to me.

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      • Ann_Louise says

        Amen to that! Too bad it took the characters death to make me realize what Charlie brought to the group. I miss him.

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        • KLA says

          I am with all of you, that Charlie is so totally missed by me. There is just something about him. What if Scarlie is really Charlie, and shapshiter charlie was really Scarlie. That is one way to bring him back. On that note, didn’t Scarlie say something about Taxi Driver and Lincoln did not get it? Maybe that is why?

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