Behold: FRINGE Season 3 Blu-Ray Cover Art

See what your shiny Fringe Season 3 Blu-ray will look like in the hands of your future.

via: Blu-Ray

Still no release date but we’ll let you know when we nose.

Thanks to Dave for the heads-up.


    • FinChase says

      S1’s cover is a classic. I didn’t like S2’s as well, although I did like the fact that the case inside the slipcover was red-tinted, which I thought was a nice touch.

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      • tess says

        I know! Honestly ever since season 1’s promo pictures and DVD art it has been downhill since. Frak fans does a better job than these goons. This show deserves better!

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  1. Ian Smyth says

    No offense, but this is really disappointing cover art. They could have made it so cool! They could have done something like where one side was people from the blueverse and one side was people from the redverse both parallel to each other, with the machine lurking in the background. These three characters and the shadow of the Observer aren’t all this show is about anymore!

    I was actually really hoping the front or back was just the machine and that’s it. That would have been so cool.

    Let’s get some mythology on these cover boxes!

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  2. jophan says

    I was sure they were going to use the poster with the Opera House skylight. I like photographs better than the heavily airbrushed posters, anyway, so I’m happy.

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    • svnsilver says

      Wow… that is SO awesome!

      Now I’m very disappointed by the chosen S3 cover-art. I wish I had the tech to make a lenticular slipcover. I would pay some good dinero for a case like that!

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    • svnsilver says

      I’m guessing in will, with some embossing and maybe a foil so it changes colors a little, like S2 slipcover.

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