AUDIO: Two New Fringe Radio Ads!

FOX have followed up their 3 previous Fringe radio spots with 2 brand new ones.

The first, titled “Cruise”, is an SOS message from a sea cruiser which is stranded off the coast of ‘Patagonia’. The tape then rewinds and the message is deciphered to reveal an underlying message – “FIND..THE..PA..TURN!”. Listen below:

The 2nd audio titled “Stories”, is a conversation between Mrs Reed and a detective, she tells him that her husband died in a wreck, and that after she visited him at the morgue he came back to life. The “FIND THE PATTERN” and “FOX” voiceovers play out the audio. Listen below:

Reanimation, anyone?

These are all very cool and definetely suggest that the underlying game, if you will, has already started. I’m not saying it’s definetely an ARG, but FOX are certainly planting seeds and throwing us breadcrumbs. I have to give them props..a week ago I was thinking that they were slacking.

Oh, and patagonia, that’s fake, right? Gotta love convenience.


  1. Nicholas says

    Patagonia is a geographic region containing the southernmost portion of South America. Mostly located in Argentina and partly in Chile, it comprises the Andes mountains to the west and south, and plateau and low plains to the east. The name Patagonia comes from the word patagon used by Magellan to describe the native people who his expedition thought to be giants.

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  2. admin says

    Thanks for the heads-up Nicholas. I wonder whether this factual information ties in with the ‘game’/show, or whether it was just a convenient place for them to reference (what with the ‘pat-turn’ aspect)? Hmm..

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  3. ooopinionsss says

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