Ari Graynor Headlines CBS Sitcom Bad Teacher


Fringe alum Ari Graynor is going from Sibling to Bad Teacher.

Graynor, who played Olivia’s sister and possible Peter love interest Rachel on Fringe, has landed the lead role in upcoming CBS sitcom Bad Teacher, EW confirms.

She’ll play Meredith Davis, a “hot, confident, unapologetic trophy wife. The kind of woman other women hate. But when her husband leaves her broke, the dream is over and she’s forced to get a job. Meredith, a smart and savvy survivor, doesn’t miss a beat. When she hears there are a lot of rich single dads at a local middle school, she sets her sights on a teaching career. Meredith Davis knows what she wants and more importantly, how to get it.”


  1. OtherBen says

    In a lot of ways I regret not seeing more of her on Fringe. Not that Rachel would have made sense as a regular character, probably, but she just sort of dropped out of Olivia’s life with a lot of untapped potential. Anyway, there could be a chance for crossover fanfics if this show gets picked up. :)

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  2. says

    I’m a big fan of Ari.
    I’ve loved her in Whip It and in Fringe.
    Indeed her role was too short but had lots of potential.
    Good to see she has work again :)

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  3. DeepRunner says

    Not that I think this should be the doorway for a Fringe Reunion Tour (anymore than I would want to attend , but these are things that I think would be cool for the show. Imagine if:

    * Just once, they bring on John Noble. In some role. ANY role. And let him go with it. I think that would be in-SANE-ly funny.

    * Just once, they bring on Joshua Jackson, if only to see what would have (sort of) happened between Peter and Rachel. I think it would it be a nice counterbalance for the P/O shippers.

    * Just once, bring on Anna Torv as a Meredith competitor. NOT the same episode as Joshua Jackson (understand, I thought P/O were a great TV couple, but it seemed, to me anyway, as the show wound down that Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson, despite having excellent chemistry, were both sort of “over it,” so to speak)

    * They make Lance Reddick the school security dude. One minute of detention with Broyles (OK maybe not Broyles exactly) would be HIGHLY entertaining. Almost like detention with John Noble. :)

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  4. SissySiri says

    I’m glad Ari has some work and it is nice to know what is going on with Fringe actors.

    But the premise of that show, hummm it seems like a lot of work to me to find a man. I guess I would change “a smart and savvy survivor” to a “conniving and savvy survivor.” :-)

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