Actor Signs Up For Season 2 Premiere

Fringe Spoilers

Another actor has reportedly joined Fringe. Wanna know who?

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Hot on the heels of Meghan Markle joining the cast, Luke Goss has also been added to the show as a guest star.

Luke Goss joins Fringe

Luke Goss has previously appeared in Blade II and Hellboy II: The Golden Army. His official website reports that he will appear in the season 2 premiere – “A New Day In The Old Town”. IMDB has his character listed as Lloyd Parr.


  1. cm says

    Turns out he’s not joining the cast, he’s just there for a guest role in the first episode of the season.

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  2. says

    Luke will ROCK as the guest star in Fringe. Luke fans and Fringe fans are jumping for joy!!!! More Luke though I hope he comes back soon to Fringe…

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  3. Ronnie says

    What fantastic news! Can’t wait to see Luke in his Guest Star role! Luke is AWESOME!!! πŸ˜€ Wonder if he’ll have scenes with John Noble? They’ve worked together before on One Night With The King. πŸ˜‰

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  4. says

    My husband brought home the DVD “Hellboy 2” and I discovered Luke Goss. He has a strong presence and a great delivery style. He looks great a Prince Nuada! Luke Goss is golden and blessed.

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  5. Page 48 says

    Never heard of him or watched anything he was in (as per IMDB). But I’ll sleep like a baby knowing that he’s golden and blessed.

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  6. mina says

    my family and i were watching Hellboy II and my 13 years old son said that the prince walks and acts like the guy from Blade II. We had to watch the credits and rewind it until i could write down your name. He was right! You played both characters and did one hell of a job. We loved them both. What are you playing in next? You can also believe that we will be there to watch it. Thanks for the action.

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  7. debh says

    Luke Goss was in a uk boyband with his twin brother Matt and friend Craig Logan in the eighties – hit songs: ‘When Will I Be famous?’ and ‘I Owe You Nothing’. I was a ripped jean follower but thankfully avoided the Grolsch top shoe fashion! Yay for Luke Goss.

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