Anna Torv on Mother Dunham and John Noble on Scary Walternate

Good morning! Welcome to Saturday. We have a couple of Fringe videos to get your weekend off to an intriguing start.

Anna Torv talks openly about that scene with mother Dunham from the Fringe season 3 premiere. Whileย John Noble talks about the new season of the show, describing Walternate as a “scary character” with “Donald Rumsfeld” characteristics, and hints at the possibility of “Brown Betty” – the sequel. That sound was either your heart leaping for joy, or the collapse of the universe.

Head past the jump where you can watch both of these videos, and a clip of the Observer, who doesn’t half get around.

Anna Torv on Meeting Mother Dunham


John Noble Interview with Hitfix’s Fien Print


Thanks toย Dave for the heads-up.

The Observer in “Olivia”


You can also watch the Anna Torv and Observer clips over at the Fox site here and here.


  1. Anjali says

    Wow. Anna really got emotional talking about that scene.

    That was probably my second favorite moment of the episode… very powerful, and very well acted out!

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  2. number six says

    Great interview with John Noble, thank you! He’s such an intelligent man, I’d listen to him all day.

    Interesting video with Anna Torv, too. My suspicions have been confirmed.

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  3. Elaine says

    Listening to Anna talk about that scene between mother Dunham and Olivia must have been very emotional for her to play.

    The idea that adrenaline was the catalyst for the treatments to start taking effect in Olivia’s mind, but it was her emotions that finally allowed those false memories to take over…for however long. It makes me think of what Walter said in ‘Of Human Action’ that the brain was a computer and could be highjacked like any other. That’s essentially what Walternate’s done to Olivia’s mind. Which begs the question, does he have a contingency plan in place when (and I think it will only be a matter of time before our Olivia begins to re-emerge again) her mind begins to reject that foreign material?

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  4. Torriagirl says

    Anna’s interview makes me want to rewatch that scene (and cry… again).
    And Walternate IS a scary character, I can definitely agree there.
    Thanks for posting both interviews!

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  5. Alex says

    AWWWWWW, poor Olivia. Of course it took something deeply emotional to get her to surrender to AltLiv’s identity. I much would have preferred them to push back to the fear/emotion explanation for the drugs working on her (like with cortexiphan and the glimmer) rather than that dodgy adrenaline excuse!

    But seriously, if you saw someone you’d lost in a dream, and they were telling you it was real life, wouldn’t you want soooo badly to believe them?

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