Anna Torv On Her Bellie Experience

Anna Torv has shared her take on the recent twist that required her to adopt a third Fringe characterization. Head past the jump for the quotables.

via: TV Line

On discovering she would be playing William Bell

“This is not one I had been asking for!” [..] “I was in shock for the first day, and then I think I hyperventilated, and then I called John Noble to say, ‘Can you please help me?’”

On playing ‘Bellivia’ alongside John Noble

“When you are about to do something you’re kind of freaked out about, you want to be able to look up and know there’s a safe place to go to – and it’s there in John’s eyes.”

On getting to play a broad range of characters on Fringe

“It’s been a really fun season, particularly with the Bell stuff,” [..] “To work from the outside in, when I’m usually much more focused on what I’m thinking, has been great. I’ve never had the chance to play like I have this year before. I’m so grateful to the guys to keep giving me stuff to do!”

You can read the entire piece over at TV Line.

Also, according to, FOX is planning to air special music-themed episodes of their popular shows, including Fringe, in late April/early May. Really?

Thanks for Dave for the heads-up.


    • Jenn says

      I second the motion. (Sigh), just when I thought I’d forgotten about Brown Betty and moved on….

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  1. JohnY says

    Yes, Anna has been a fine Bellie but we need our Olivia back so someone else will have to take up the Bell mantle. I’m hoping they get another William – Shatner, to try his take on the character. That would be fun wouldn’t it?

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  2. William Bishop says

    I don’t know how the writers are going to have time to make ANOTHER music episode: there is the next episode Over There, the “Astrid-centric episode” and the next three that the writers told will be linked in one story arc. So I cry because it seems that we’re going to waste an episode focused on Astrid and with Bellivia because of this (at least if they are really talking about their most popular shows and Fringe is included, I’ll hate FOX for life if they cancel Fringe).
    Speaking of Bellivia, I really liked Anna Torv’s impersonation and I was surprised to know that she freaked out after knowing she would do an impersonation.

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  3. AnTo says

    No one of the cast mentioned a musical episode, 3.19 is the Astrid standing one, and 20,21,22 are one big arc acording to Jeff Pinkner.
    Besides both Anna Torv and Jackson do not like Brown Betty.

    Anna freaking out I can understand, given all the crap she got from the media in the beginning, and actually I think the writers took a huge risk.
    Those, not many , who have problems with the Bellie concept, take it out once again on Anna. That woman must be made of something really special,according to Joel Wyman she is a lot tougher then people think.

    Funny that I also read comments that she actually did a better Nimoy/Belll then the man himself.

    I loved everything about Anna Torv’s impersonation, really brilliant acting.

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  4. lizw65 says

    Probably just a repeat of Brown Betty. As mentioned, there’s no time to do another musical ep this season.

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  5. FinChase says

    AT’s been so good this season that it’s almost redundant to say this, but I thought she did a great job. It could have been embarrassing and she pulled it off.

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  6. Supyro says

    You now guys Music-themed episode doesn,t mean singing episodes. It means episode about music. We could have another Violet Sedan Chair episode.
    (And Brown Betty wasn’t this bad people, get over it)

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    • FinChase says

      Brown Betty wasn’t bad at all. It was just–different. I enjoyed it and have appreciated how many easter eggs were hidden in it.

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    • Megan says

      I agree, I don’t think it was horrible at all. I didn’t love it but I like it. Each to his/her own though

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  7. real1 says

    She is a miracle Actress , love her the most . Brilliant amazing and excellent in every bit of her acting .

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  8. SF says

    Love her as Bell – I really could hear Bell in her, and in her mannerisms. So well done!! I didn’t think I would like it, and I did.

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  9. FlashWriter says

    I just want to add my 11 cents in that I think Anna did such a good job in the episode. I was initially fairly skeptical, but I believed in her abilities to pull it off–and she did. It really was interesting to know that she freaked a little bit when she found out what was up, and that SHE had the assignment to play Bell. The finished product was pure Anna Torv quality. Bravo!

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