3 More Fringe Episode 3.14 Sneak Peeks

Fox has released three additional sneak peeks for tonight’s episode of Fringe – 6B.


More 6B Sneak Peeks


  1. M says

    I guess Olivia coming around sort of makes sense when you consider she’s feeling insecure in comparison to Fauxlivia, especially after all the trauma to her mind in the alternate universe.

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  2. real1 says

    I will bet 10$ that the 2 are dreaming and then something else will happen 😀

    ( I can’t believe that Olivia will react that way , and i prefer that Peter will make the first move )

    I can’t wait !

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    • fringeobsessed says

      No offense but I hope you’re wrong.
      I’m hoping almost getting sucked into a vortex will make them both see they need to take their moment NOW! I’m rooting for Peter to get OUR Liv pregnant to even the score!(Wow, I sound like a soap opera fan,eek.)

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      • real1 says


        because i don’t know if they were going to kiss like that at the bar .. how they will save the day after ! I mean .. one kiss will lead to many things in their situation 😉

        Almost 9PM :)

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  3. Frobz says

    Gakkkk relationship overload in the first two. The last one? Pure awesomeness. Wonder if we’ll see the return of “our” amber (the clear jelly stuff).

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    • vlada_vvv says

      yeah, Nina was definitely talking to Walter right before the amber thing. We could see a tiny part of his hair in the very beginning.

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  4. fringeobsessed says

    After watching the first clip obsessviely, I have a theory.
    I think Walter doses their breakfast with an aphrodisiac or love potion.
    It’s possible Nina told him to do it. It’s also possible he decided to on his own,
    after all, he IS Walter!

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  5. FlashWriter says

    OK, this one looks reeeeeaaallly good. Something for everyone with a little left over besides.

    I’ll take it home in a doggie bag, please.

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  6. Dylan says

    I’m still frustrated with how they’ve been writing Olivia in the past few episodes. She’s very open about her emotions, too open. She was never this expressive when John Scott died, she never even references Scott in all this, and it’s almost as if they’re treating this as her first ever relationship and treating it very…preteen-ish, where everything is taken out of proportion.

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  7. Smgdesignz says

    I feel like it’s right that Olivia makes the first move. Peter has been trying to reassure her the past few episodes that it’s HER he wants to be with and not Fauxlivia. He’s letting her control their relationship at the pace she’s comfortable with.

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