2.06 Earthling

2.06 Earthling

Emmy Award winner Jon Cassar (24) directs as the Fringe Division takes on a puzzling investigation of victims who inexplicably disintegrate into ash. The shadowy case casts light on Special Agent Phillip Broyles’ (Lance Reddick) past and leads the team to the possibility of foreign fringe science.

2.06 Sneak Peek – “Pleasant Surprise”:

2.06 Sneak Peek –  “Why This One?”:

“Secrets of Fringe”:


Season 2 Catch-up:


Jasika Nicole – Astrid & Walter:



  1. FlashWriter says

    Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese does this look great! Finally, a Broyles ep. Oh, man oh man oh man. I’m gonna disolve to ash just like the vics in the ep do!

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  2. gil_cdn says

    I thought JJ, Alex, Robert & Jeff all stressed at one time or another (during various interviews) that FRINGE is NOT about aliens from space. Now why are they eating their words and bringing aliens into the Fringe world?

    This episode reminds me of “The Astronaut Wife” starring Johnny Depp & Charlize Theron. Do you think so?

    Quite disappointed that TPTB choose to air a Stand-alone episode after the hiatus, momentum killer!

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    • Page 48 says

      “Quite disappointed that TPTB choose to air a Stand-alone episode after the hiatus, momentum killer!”

      I can’t argue with that sentiment. This was an episode that could just as easily have been 5.07 or 1.03. They could very well just draw numbers from a hat to see which episode airs next. I must say, though, that this episode was not a momo killer, because that would imply that “Fringe” had momo heading into the hiatus. Once again, ‘momentum deferred’.

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  3. Frobozz says

    Too much “monster of the week” this season. Looks like they’re taking way too much inspiration from the X-Files. Are they ever going to mention the Pattern again?

    Although the stand-alone episodes of the X-Files were regarded as “more approachable” by the eggheads at the top, it was the series mythos that kept the audience from season to season. Fringe has kept the series mythos on the backburner for way too long this season. Where is the Pattern? Where is ZFT? What about that damn manuscript? Will Broyles ever get his command centre back?

    Anyway these stand-alone episodes have been pretty weak, and “Earthling” hasn’t changed that.

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  4. mlj102 says

    Sigh. Once again we’re back to the never-ending issue of the “momentum killing stand-alone episodes”. It’s kind of sad, really, to read these kinds of reactions. I’ve kind of gotten to the point where, after an episode airs, even though I thought it was great, I know the majority of people will be complaining simply because it was “stand-alone.” Sure, this episode was no “Ability” or “The Road Not Taken”, but I really don’t think it has to be. It still had things that set it apart and made it an enjoyable episode, in my opinion. I really liked the atmosphere and the tone of the episode — creepy, unpredictable, intriguing. I thought it was good to focus on Broyles (even though I wouldn’t want that in every episode). I thought the whole concept of the shadow creature was awesome.

    And I wasn’t bothered by the whole “no aliens” thing, because this wasn’t really an alien thing. I mean, sure, technically it was, but it wasn’t the typical portrayal of “aliens” — it was more obscure and fringey. And putting that aside, aliens are not going to be a central focus of Fringe, which is what I think the producers and others were referring to in all those comments. I think they meant that they’re not going to do something like have the observers be aliens. This was a one time thing and I have no problem with it.

    Of course I miss them talking about the Pattern and ZFT and William Bell and Olivia’s abilities and the alternate reality and such. And I’m anxious for them to return to those topics. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy episodes like this, too. Just because there was no mention of the alternate reality doesn’t mean it was a bad episode. No, this was not my favorite episode of Fringe ever, but I still thought it was a very good, enjoyable episode.

    And next week looks like it’s going to be brilliant!

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    • Pedro says

      Here’s the deal. The episode was fine, probably about average to what we’ve seen this season. My issue has never been “No Standalone” my issue has been “too many standalones.” If I want to was “the story of the week” that is what The Outer Limits is for, and if I want to watch a FBI/Cop drama there are plenty of CSIs and such out there for that.

      We’ve had 6 episodes now, roughly a quarter of the season and the standalones are taking to much valuable space. To reverse course though, I think it is important when they do a standalone to show a lot of back story on the character, I hate to say it like this, but if they are going to waste time with a standalone then at least tell a good story about the characters.

      The ration should be 3:1 (three main story to one standalone) I’d even go so far as to say 2:1 would be pleasant at this point.

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      • says

        I agree about the character-centric. Despite not contributing much to the overall arc, we did learn a bit about Broyles and got to see some none-Broylesish moments – the begining with the kid in the restaurant was pretty cool.

        This whole ep may be standalone, but it wasn’t throwaway – like Desirable Objects, IMO – in that we really got to see a bit of what makes Broyle’s tick.

        Anyway, at least “August” will be here in a few weeks and should be worth the wait.

        I must say I really enjoyed this episode. Maybe it was the lack of Fringe-centric entertainment the past few weeks, but I thought it was great fun. Good Walter moments, good development of a character, a really weird case to solve, Russians, car batteries, Negative Man, outer space, and the CIA rivalry. I dug it. Like I said before, standalone but not throwaway. Good stuff.

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  5. Page 48 says

    FOX and Bad Robot promote “Fringe” as a show that appeals to viewers who can watch anytime they wish (let’s say some chilly night in January when “30 Rock” is pre-empted) and know that they won’t need to worry about what happened last week or last season, or what may happen next week (or who Olivia Dunham is).

    Sounds like their evil plan is working. FOX has those ‘casual viewers’ right where they want them. Clever manipulation indeed.

    My guess is that they’re aiming for 4.7 million viewers, which would be a verrrry Bad Robotish sort of number.

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  6. GuardMod says

    What’s the song playing on Fringe At the beginning Season 2 Episode 6?
    The song played about 44 Seconds
    I picked up some words in the beginning of the song.
    in sky
    A day just a day

    I really liked the song but I couldn’t find it on google. I’d really appreciated if some could help me find the name of the song.

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  7. mj says

    10 stand alone / 1 plotline


    too much plotline and you expire the storyline and are forced to make spinoffs

    be cool

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