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2.03 FractureSynopsis:


Fringe Division’s Peter, Walter, Olivia and Broyles pursue a strange and deadly occurrence in Philadelphia where a bomb blew up inside a train station but left no trace of any explosive device. The perplexing and unexplained set of circumstances returns Walter to the lab to closely examine the human remains where he uncovers an unlikely energy source that triggered the explosion. With the explosive threat of more bombs and links to a classified military project, the intense investigation leads Olivia and Peter to Iraq in the “Fracture” episode of FRINGE airing Thursday, Oct. 1 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX NETWORK.

Cast: Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham, Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop, John Noble as Walter Bishop, Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles, Kirk Acevedo as Charlie Francis, Blair Brown as Nina Sharp and Jasika Nicole as Astrid Farnsworth.

Last week’s episode represented a change in pace from the windscreen-breaking, shapeshifting joy that was New Day. Not that Night of Desirable Objects was a bad episode (I thought it was good enough) – I’m of the opinion that a below-par episode of Fringe is better than most things on TV. But it represented precisely why Fringe can be so frustrating when we all know the heights it can reach when the serialized format is let loose. One wonders whether the ‘lucrative’ casual viewers (I’m talking about the 3 episodes of TV per year folks that the show is trying to cater for) have ever seen the likes of Ability or Road Not Taken – if they have, surely they preferred those gems over the procedural efforts any way? (let’s make more of those!)

There’s a viability about making the show accessible for those who treat Fringe like a visit to the dentist, but I also think it makes more sense for the show to play to its strengths..and its audience. Come on Fringe, you have something here, play to your strengths. Let tonight be such a night!

2.03 Fracture Promo

TV Guide talk to Lance Reddick and Blair Brown (so glad we’re seeing more of these two both in interviews and on the show).

Lance Reddick says a war is coming..

Blair Brown on Olivia’s “Quest”..

Prediction of the week: Walter will say something and Peter will translate as only Peter can. Olivia will give that look she always does. You know the one. Camera might pan to Astrid. Gene might moo on cue.


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  1. Gil_Cdn says

    So we learn a few news things in this great episode.

    1. Astrid lives on campus at Harvard. No wonder why we always see her in the lab, day or night. Poor girl, does she has any social life?

    2. Do not consume any beef/meat product in Walter’s lab …. Gene might give you a ‘methane (CH4) bomb’.

    3. So we have to start watching out for couriers in black trench coat with black brief case now?

    4. Sam Wiess help Nina by teaching her how to eat French fries using her prosthetic robot arm …. never thought Nina is a French fries person.

    5. So the Observe is not only there to observe, but to collect data and use our technology/science/culture against us, their end goal is to exterminate us?

    6. Interesting note on what Colonel said: “Because whatever is in those brief cases (screen cut to Observer looking at the following photos in the briefcase: Walter – Peter – Walter) is going to destroy us all.”
    **hummm, thinking…does the three photos represents Alternate Universe Walter – Alternate universe Peter – real world Walter. Does it mean the consequence of Walter stealing Peter from the Alternate Universe is going to destroy us all.

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    • mlj102 says

      Just a note about the pictures that were delivered to the Observer — they’re actually all pictures of Walter. My question is why the Observer needs someone to be taking pictures and surveillance of Walter when he’s had contact with Walter himself on several occasions. It doesn’t seem necessary. But it certainly added to the suspense!

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      • says


        What also interested me was Gordon saying that the contents of the briefcase would be the end of us (or words to that effect). Maybe this is the writers giving us a clue as to why they took pictures of Walter. Although I agree that it seems odd given their relationship.

        Maybe the Observer needed a break from following our Fringe Team.. 😉

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  2. Cathy904 says

    “Fracture” was the best episode yet. A little more information about the overarcing story and some very charming moments. Next week promises to be a pivotal point in the season, I can’t wait.

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  3. Diligence93 says

    I noticed Shapeshifter Charlie, Agent Jessup, and Nina were absent from this episode. Still, I rank it as one of the three best ever episodes of Fringe. The Observer or Obervers – good or bad? – you decide!

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